April 10, 2015

Friday With a Friend 18th Guest Post by Nusrath Jahan | Lamb Oats Haleem Mutton Oats Haleem | Ramzan Special Recipes | Hyderabadi Goat Meat Haleem | Quick and Easy Mutton Haleem With Oats |

Iam not a working to woman to say every time that Iam busy busy busy..But ,I love to keep my self occupied always instead of wasting time on gossips and unnecessary issues..I feel a mother is the most responsible person in the world even when compares with president of country..
The word busy enters in a girl life along with her birth i think.But it starts coming out from the minute when she gets married to an unknown person..After welcoming babies in life,almost woman forgets thinking about her life,her passions,hobbies every thing...I feel iam in that position some times.Thanks to cooking and blogging which kept me alive still and which gave me a reason to keep alive my hobbies.But being a south indian that too a being a telugu girl can`t avoid studies,so nowadays spending maximum time on my son writing,grammar and maths.people can say that for 5 years boy it`s necessary to spend so much of time,but this is the basic stage to straighten them for a good student and responsible human being. Iam too deeply involved in the topic ha!!!!

O.K.lets talk about today`s post. Asusually,it was busy morning for me with regular tasks,after sending kids to school,had lunch and  again rushed for my driving class.It`s 11th class today and almost I was quite good except in left turnings..In the beginning days hubby was quite laughing on my handling of steering but today he gave me a big round of applause which tossed me in the air..hehehehe..again after returning home til now slogging with my laptop which is annoying every minute.I want a new laptop..The first wish if this year to hubby..Let`s see..:)

Coming to the today`s guest post Today I pleasured really to welcome a very good friend nusrath whom I met very recently.She is new blogger but rocking with amazing pictures and healthy,tasty recipes.Though she is new to blogging managing the blog very neatly and her pictures always attracts my eyes where I can`t take away my cursor.I was impressed after reading Introduction in her a blog where she defined about cooking simply with three "P" s.. You must check their to know about those magical words friends.When a friend asks about writing a guest post,how can I ignore??.I accepted with smile and immediately she sent the mail.That was super fast reaction..It`s nothing but passion about blogging and love on friends..Don`t you agree..I think I need to give some break now,Moving to Nusrath:

Hello Usha ,

First of all a big thank you for providing  me with a chance to do a guest post for your event . At first I was skeptical to ask you for this ,i was hesitant if you would give a chance to an amateur blogger  like me .But you were generous enough to lend it to me.

1.Few words about u/some thing special which we don`t know?
I am Nusrath jahan blogger at The food factory.I was born and brought up in Andhra Pradesh ,currently living in Qatar with my family .I am a stay at home mom for 2 lovely kids (to be frank grown up kids!!! ),who always drive me nuts !!!.
My quest for cooking started after landing in Qatar ,I am always on the hunt for some thing new (recipes).I have recently been into blogging for almost 6 months now!!!.I am basically a fun loving person ,who can easily mingle up with .

2. 3 Food photography tips or  3 useful kitchen tips?

 Photography is my new found passion ,the journey which i had started as a novice  has come a long way This could be easily visible from the latest and the previous pics from my blog
 Always use natural light for clicking your pics .
Never use flash for the clicks .Some times a lot of zooming too spoils the essence of the image .
Props, boards definitely add flair to your clicks ,editing tools like picasa are a great saviour
       some of the established bloggers have done some posts on photography you can check it that too

3. How to improve fans n followers for food blog n food blog face book page?

Social media plays a major role in increasing your fan following .Posting your recipes in different      groups or pages too definitely adds to it .Always content  of the blog is the winner if you have            good content fans will come back to you

4.How food blog changed Ur life?How many RECIPES your posting in a month approximately and your memorable moments which related to blog ?

Definitely blogging has changed my life for better ,I had always wished to carve niche for my self  ,which I think I am able to do through blogging .The journey which I had started as a novice has come a long way ,yet a lot to accomplish. Here I would love to quote "I have to travel miles before I sleep ".Blogging is an another world , which i am exploring, where I have found a lot of friends who share the same passion for food  .I try to post 4- 5 recipes a week .The most memorable moment is one of my fans had tried the zatar bread the same day I had posted it and came back to me ,that was the most cherished moment

5.Finally,tell me few words abt MLH??

MLH is a one stop destination for all the recipes .Its the person,Usha  behind MLH who makes this place unique .A sweet person ,an amazing blogger and above all a caring mother .

Coming to today's recipe "Haleem " is generally made with wheat .where in  wheat and meat are cooked together along with spices .Traditionally it is cooked over night ,but in this fast paced world,where every thing we prefer to be instant ,this recipe adds to the list of instant(s) . Though the process and the ingredients seem to be lengthy ,but the end product will be worth it ,i can vouch it !!! .Its a complete meal in itself.Lets start cooking ...


·         800 gms Mutton/మటన్
·         4 Green chillies/మిరపకాయ
·         1 tsp pepper corns(black)మిరియాలు
·         1/2 tsp cumin seeds / jeera/జీలకర్ర
·         1/2 tsp Turmeric /పసుపు
·         salt to taste


·         80 gms / 1/2 cup moong dal(yellow) /green gram / పెసరపప్పు
·         1 cup /125 gms instant oats
·         1 onion/ఉల్లిపాయలు
·         1 (big) / 120 gms tomato /టమాటాలు
·         2 tbsp ginger-garlic/అల్లంవెల్లుల్లి పేస్టు
·         1/2 tsp red chilly powder/మిరపకాయ పొడి
·         1/4 tsp turmeric/పసుపు
·         1 tsp garam masala/గరం మసాలా
·         4 tbsp oil/నూనె
·         2 tbsp ghee/నెయ్యి
·         salt to taste


·         Fried onions/వెయించిన ఉల్లిపాయలు
·         coriander  leaves/కొతిమీర
·         mint leavesల/పుదినా ఆకులు
·         lemon /నిమ్మకాయ


1.       Add all the ingredients 1 to the pressure cooker ,add water as required and pressure cook it for 1 whistle on high ,and 3-4 whistles on medium heat .
2.       Allow the pressure to leave on it self ,after cooling separate the bones from the cooked mutton with your hand and slightly  process it in a processor .
3.       Mean while dry roast the oats in a pan ,cool it and grind it to a powder .
4.       Cook the moong dal until mushy and set aside.
5.       In a heavy bottom sauce pan or a big kadhai add oil and ghee .
6.       To it add onions and cook it until brown ,add tomatoes and cook until soft.
7.       Now add all the other spices and bhuno(saute)  it until oil leaves the sides of the pan .
8.       Add the chopped mutton ,moong Dal(cooked),and 750 ml of water .
9.       Make a slurry of the oats (powder) and add it to the water mixture .
10.   Mix it well ,and now you can see that the mixture will begin to thicken as it cooks.
11.   Cook it for 3-4 minutes and switch of the flame
12.   Serve it by garnishing it with pudina, coriander,lemon.


·         You can use boneless mutton too ,but i prefer bone in since the juices of the bones adds extra flavour to the dish .
·         You can replace it with chicken , but I strongly recommend mutton .
·         we are making a slurry of the oats powder to avoid any lumps .
·         You can grind moong Dal in a blender  to a paste too .
·         if needed more water can be added ,as it entirely depends on the oats, i have used Quaker oats.

Wow.This is unexpected treat to me.Though Iam not able to eat it,It`s like a big feast to my eyes..Haleem is an authentic famous dish of muslims which takes first place in ramzan festival time.It`s my unlucky that never got a chance to taste it..This recipe is in my mind to try out,but surprisingly with a very good friend it took place in my blog.specially, adding oats in recipe is such a unique idea which made recipe simple and really time saving.The whole credit goes to you dear Nusrath..That` an tremendous job dear really...A huge Thanks to you for taking place to appear in MLH with love and affection...I really appreciate your enthusiasm and keep rocking with the same spirit always..Wish You all the best..

Guys..I totally enjoyed today`s post lot.Hope,You all also loved today`s guest post.Don`t miss checking out our friend Nusrath`s The food factory.blogspot.com for yummy recipes..And interested bloggers,friends kindly mail to my id alahrishiva13@gmail.com about the details of guest post series if you are interested.Thank you so much every one.happy weekend to all.

Happy cooking..Happy blogging..


  1. Yummy and healthy one........ :) lovely guest post.... :)

  2. Thank you so much for having me here dear ,glad that you liked the dish as much as i enjoyed working on it ...God bless:)

  3. drooling here..lovely guest post ladies..

  4. Such a lovely guest post... thanks to Nusrath for making it sound easy... must try this!


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