April 24, 2015

Friday With a Friend 20th Guest post By Farin Ahmed from Farins Fun Flavour | Spicy Peanut Chicken | Easy Kodi Kura | Quick and Easy Peanut Chicken Masala Curry For Rotis n Rice

Happy Friday Everyone!!Now I know I say this every Friday, but I seriously have one of the most talented food bloggers guest posting for me today. She is non other than the energetic Farin from FFF, That was an interesting blog name ha..
Her recipes and beautiful step wise pictures presentation is such a huge inspiration and I’m super excited to share her recipe and a nice chit chat with y’all today!  She’s a busy mommy of sweet little naughty girl at the same time she is working women too..I have a huge respect to those super women who manages in and out sides same time.Really hats off to all women who balances the life equally..
She shares her favorite recipes In FFF, though she is not much active in blogging,she tries to post almost every recipe with neat and clear pictures and notes.One of her great talent is writing each post introduction in a filmy style,hence her site name, Farins Fun Flavour/FFF  I wonder some times how she comes up every time with a new introduction every time.She accepted happily when I asked guest post and immediately sent mail.So,today this healthy Peanut chicken recipe is a guest post from my dear lovely friend Farin and hope I will get some zest form her after this strong pillar like post..;)
Thank you so much Usha for giving this opportunity dear.Even for my Public Exams, I have not prepared. Since the day you invited me to do a guest post my mind was thinking about these 5 questions and I have to clear it without fail.Before jumping into these questions,Usha you should have mark which is for 2 marks, 5 marks and Essay and also is there any multiple choice questions like only 3 questions need to be answer, so it would be easy for us..Next, how do we know we have cleared this Public Exam sorry MLH exams, do relase the results asap.

1.      Finally, a few words about MLH.
I want to answer this question first; I guess there is no hard fast rules tat we need to answer questions exactly in the given order. I will change my order but at the end all your 5 questions will be answered Usha…Firstly, I want to say about this Gilly lady behind MLH its none other than our Telugu Heroine Usha. Maybe the Hero Mahesh babu is famous in cine industry but our Heroine Usha is famous in blog industry.  If I wanna say in my style, I can compare her with the famous Movie Anniyan.  She is an AMBI character for her two cute boys and ofcourse friends too. Innocence personified while speaking about kids. REMO, Loves her bawa to the extreme(not revealing our private chat secrets) and finally comes the ANNIYAN character, if something goes wrong, she never hesitate to ask. She comes forward very boldly and too straight forward. So, Usha is a mixture of all.. Speaking about her Super Dooper Dishes,She has an array of Recipes in her space and my all time favorite, cute dessert or pie I can say is ambani sorry Maha brothers,Lovely cute pies and ofcourse other recipes are my favourite too. Sweet and really helpful person. The zest towards her blogging is something personally I have to learn, coming for tuition Usha. Accept me as your student.

2. About you, a few words which we don’t know.
Secrets should not be revealed in public forum and Boost is not the SECRET of my energy.Do anyone believe if I say am a silent girl?? I can hear a big NO from all. Exactly though not a big chatterbox, but falls under chatterbox category.Yes as my blog name suggest Iam a fun loving girl married to a Romantic Man in Earth and loves to mingle with people and makes friends a lot. Both my blog and my baby are of exact similar in age. Am a full time worker by profession who does my official work at home. Now you can imagine my situation, Exactly Cat on the wall. Neither I can concentrate on  my official work nor I can take care of baby properly, but somewhat managing both till now(don’t ask HOW?) Something Special about me…I love to help others, I have a nick name under my friends circle as Sister Theresa(he he he). Doing volunteering works related to children in need. Once all my personal circumstances get sorted out will be jumping into the Social worker field which I love the most.And a big Secret about me SSSSHHHHH come on private chat will reveal it USHA…..

3 .      3 photography tips and kitchen tips.
This is the question I want to skip on Multiple choice, Since Usha is a very Sweet and strict Officer and said all 5 questions to be answered, No Multiple choice at all.. So twisting my tiny brain to answer this critical question..
Food Photography:
I don’t hold any experience either in handling camera techniques, nor I got a chance to work as a Cinematographer. So, Am totally new to this part, Trying a lot to improve my photographic skills. On my opinion, it’s not the camera which speaks about the pic, It’s the person who’s behind that lens. It’s all about how we click the food. Though affording for a good Camera is worth a lot. I really put lot of efforts to click a decent picture in recent days.As all experts say, click on the day either on the balcony, window where you get natural sunlight. May be in the future, I will revise this question dear!!!

Though am not a Kitchen super star, I can say some basic Kitchen Tips which I follow: 
1. When you want to get a nice red color of the any gravy, always add redchilly powder to the oil. It really gives a reddish color to the dish.
2. For working women, Grind the dosa batter in bulk and try to freeze it. Thaw it in the refrigerator ahead before you proceed for the next day.
3. While grinding poppy seeds(khasa khasa) , soak it in warm water for 15 mins and then grind. 

4.      How to develop blog page to get more views and fans.
I have two good ideas to increase, hope you will agree dear. Firstly,we need to open a Rasigar Mandram (Fan club) like our Cine Hero and Heroine does to increase fans and followers. Secondly,Can we ask Katrina kaif to promote our Web page so within few minutes all peoples will hit a like and our webpage will be the hot topic among all social media.. How is the idea dear???okay coming to reality, Be an active blogger,try to visit our co-bloggers page and appreciate their work. Share your recipes in social media sites. I guess this is the way to increase fans.Iam not too keen about the likes but With the grace of almighty its growing day by day . I always enjoy and happy to receive comments for my work and I appreciate others the same. When ever I find time, I share my recipes in other groups. 

5.      How the blog has changed your life and how many blog posts you do a month?
I guess for this question if our husband answers that would be apt. How blogging changed your life? Their answer would be.. No hot hot dosa’s, Food after clicking. Feedback after eating, orturing in the name of creativity, innovating with leftovers and finally experimenting with us.Okay jokes apart! I have a positive change as a blogger. Blogging makes me to think beyond. Even with leftovers, trying to innovate new dishes. A ladle in one hand and a camera in the other, love to cook, click and blog. Blogging also showed me a new way called photography, which always makes me to think how to present a dish in a simple appetizing manner. As of now 6 to 7 post in a month dear, slowly will try to increase. Now you know how lazy Iam, just compensating the other word busy for lazy!!!!Atlast, I have finished my MLH public exams and waiting for my results!!!

Okay for today’s post I have Peanut Chicken for you..Is not the name sounds interesting!!! We have tried pepper chicken but this peanut chicken when I saw in a cookery show caught my attention and makes me to try the very next day. The outcome was so awesome, so thought I will share in MLH as my guest post.


Chicken -1/4 kg boneless
Peanut-2 tbsp roasted and powedered
Onion- 2nos
Green chillies- 2 no
GGP/ginger garlic paste- 1/1/2 tbsp
Cardomom- 3
Cinnamon- ½ inch
Coriander leaves- for garnishing

Oil-2 tbsp
Red chilly flakes- 1 tbsp
Turmeric powder=1/4 tsp
Jeera powder-1/4 tsp
Garam masala powder- 2 tsp

Wash the chicken thoroughly with turmeric powder and keep aside. Powder the peanuts in the blender, chop the onion, tomatoes. Slit the green chillies and make sure everything is ready ahead..
Heat oil in a pan and add the items listed under ‘To fight’. To that add onion + greenchillies and mix it well . When onion start to change its color to brown  add the GGP.
Mix it well until the raw smell leaves. Now add the chopped tomatoes and mix it well.Now add the Red chilly flakes, Turmeric powder, jeera powder, garam masala powder and salt  as the quantity mentioned above and mix it well.Once the masala incorporates with onion and tomato mixture add the washed Chicken.
Mix it well so that the masala’s are coated to the chicken. Now add one cup of water and the let the chicken cook for 15 mins until the water gets reduced and forms a nice 
thick consistency stage as mentioned in the pic.Its time to add the peanut powder, give a quick stir and let it sit for 2 mins… finally garnish with coriander leaves and serve it hot..Yum yum Peanut chicken masala is ready to serve now…

1. I have used roasted and salted peanut, if you use fresh one, dry roast and then powder it..
2. Adjust the level of spiciness according to your family taste buds.
3. For variations, use can use cashew, badam or pistachos chicken…do dry roast and then powder it ..

Hope you all like it.. thanks a bunch for inviting and  giving me this opportunity Usha… May our friendship stays forever and all the very best for all your future success.
Oh my gosh....what an astonishing post it is...Iam unable to take breath after reading such a heart touching answers finally. I stumbled upon farin`s AMAZING creativity and her hyper comparisons.Hehehehehee. Thank you so much farin on agreeing to write guest post today and for the wonderful recipe for MLH Guest post event Iam looking forward to see many more recipes with wonderful stories in future which you creates! Friends!!!! You can find out more about her and don`t miss reading her movie style recipes at her blog.


  1. Something new to me. Its looks very nice.

  2. Thanks Usha for giving this wonderful chance

  3. Really felt nice after reading your post farin.You got lots of talent.I am really surprised after reading your post how your managing your work,kid also your social work..

  4. peanut chicken looks so tempting..i love reading Farin's post ...lovely guest post dearies

  5. Haha. ...hilarious post unable to stop my laughter. ....chicken looks gorgeous (in farins cinema way)....lolz

  6. Yummy yummy peanut chicken.....n so great to know more about you Farin....... Lovely guest post n congratz 2 both of u.... :)

  7. Look very nice..just one thing what is ggp powder??


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