April 21, 2015

Rasagulla | Easy spongy rasagulla | How to make bengali rasagulla | How to make soft n fluffy rasagullas at home | North Indian Desserts

senyumHi.Friends..Today I would like to introduce one of the famous indian dessert which is favorite of most of the people.though we have so many sweet recipes,few are very popular and every blogger wants to try it at least once to share in blog.In the same way I tried this rasagullas and posted in blog already long ime back.but now re posting it with new pictures.This recipe may looks easy for some people,but I feel its difficult to make for the beginners.May be this is first recipe i think which i felt quite tough to make.in this rasagulla making the balls part is quite hard,but when you keep on trying definitely will get the perfect rasagullas.also,with this we can prepare rasamalai also which is very easy n very tasty too..Milk desserts lovers must try this at least once.So,check this one and give a try.


full fat milk-5 cups
lemon juice-1 tbsp
sugar-1 cup
elachi/cardamom  powder-1 tsp
water 3 cups


1.heat the milk in non stick pan and bring it to a boil.

2.add the lemon juice and mix well.mix until the milk fat separates from the whey.

3.take a bowl line it with cheese cloth(i used a kerchief) and pour the curdle milk.

4.wash it well with cold water to remove the lemon juice smell.

5.squeeze the excess of water and hang it for 1 hour.

6.now take it into a bowl and knead the crumbled paneer for 5-10 minutes.it should be soft and smooth.

7.make equal size balls.

8.take the pressure cooker add water,sugar,elachi powder and let it boil.

9.add the balls and close it with lid.let it whistle once and put it in the low flame for 5-8 mints.

10.off the flame and let the pressure go all by it self.Remove gently into a bowl, refrigerate and serve chilled.

11.If you want you can add nuts before serving.

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