May 26, 2015

Apple Carrot Salad | Raw Salad Recipes | Simple Dinner Ideas | Salads For Lunch & Dinner

Salads are perfect for weight loss...Adding fruits in diet is also a very good idea which may helps to loss weight and keeps skin fresh..Though,I feel lazy to make salads,some times for good health have to do...More than me my hubby loves salads madly...Whenever we visits restaurants first his plate fills with lots of salad and then start eating actual food.
I really love his food habits,feels jealous my self.While thinking to make a simple salad for dinner thought to fold apple with carrot and finally thrown oats on top..So,it`s a complete healthy salad which is very filling and tasty too..Adding apple gives a sweet taste to the dish,so can easily eat the raw carrot along with apple.if you want simple dinner recipes or trying to weight loss include more fruits and vegetables in your diet or try this kind of easy,tasty salads at least 2-3 times per week also try to avoid junk maximum ..Definitely you can see the change in your body..:)


red apple -1 big 

carrots-2 big
oat meals or oats flour (powder) -1 tbsp
honey-1 tbsp
lemon juice- 1 tsp 

Wash and grate apple and carrot..Take both in a bowl..Add in oat meals or oats flour (powder) on top..

Also,mix honey,some lemon juice and mix gently..Rest it for 10 minutes and serve..

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