May 15, 2015

Friday Guest Post By Rani Arun | Spicy chicken tikka Recipe | Oven Baked Chicken Tikka | How to make easy chicken tikka at home

It`s fri day.Another weekend in May and of course another guest post In MLH..:) Today

Iam introducing new blogger friend Rani Arun..I met her very recently through blogging 

and came to know more in fb..So,today`s guest post is from Rani of   ranigourmet.blogspot

She is a nice soft natured girl,busy mom and of course very sweet girl . Though we both are new to each other,with smiles she accepted to write a guest post in MLH,then sent mail in a week, Before that she asked me about recipe and sent this chicken tikka recipe which is featured today in my blog, and I’m super excited to share her with y’all today!  Please check below for the lovely chat,detailed recipe and have fun :)

Let me introduce myself. Iam Rani arun author of the blog Rani’s gourmet.A home maker From Kerala ,India.I was born, brought up, educated in Kerala, by all means a pukka Malayali . I was brought to Banglore after marriage and almost settled there but currently living in Chennai with my husband Arun and one year old Advaith.It was on a day I felt low and sitting desperately got a message in Fb.That was from none other than the lovely Usha Rani,asking me to do a guest post in her blog. That message vanished my worries all of a sudden. I feel its great getting an invitation from a well established, well known blogger to a newbie blogger like me without a thought I said yes. Then the real problem comes when I checked her recipe index. She has posted almost all the possible dishes under the sky!!! I just have very limited recipes on hand .Also due the extreme hot weather here in Chennai and my little naughty boy, iam bit slowing my cooking. But it is not appropriate to post something sooo simple as a guest post. Then I zeroed on chicken tikka,which doesn’t steal much of our time same time something special ,truly delicious and loved by all Indians.

Chicken tikka means chunks of chicken. Traditionally it is cooked in ‘Tandoor’.But the same can be made in electric oven without much difference on the taste. Here goes the recipe..

No no this post is not over.i need to be answered to few questions Asked by Maha. The Most difficult part of this guest post was answering this questions Maha.

1.      About you,a few words which we don’t know

There is nothing special about me, an ordinary woman with all the good and bad womanish characters. Loving but very short tempered .A Family person who loves to cook for my loved ones, especially for my four year old niece. Because she is the one who give the most sincere, innocent feed back of my cooking.

2.      3 photography tricks or kitchen tips.

I don’t think that iam taking perfect food pics but still they are decent I guess. There are few things  Iam following while picturing. Try to take pics under Day light or Tube light. Focus on the Food you have cooked than to the props around. Try to make the plating simple and elegant

3.      How to develop blog page to get more views and fans

This question is not for me.Blogging is something that makes me happy. Of course I would be happy if get more page views and fans. But I don’t do anything to increase the traffic. Even  cooking and posting the recipes is getting difficult for me because of the hectic life. Though earlier, I had added some widgets to increase the page views, still no clue whether it has helped or not. As far as I observed, visiting and leaving comments on fellow bloggers sites (wish I could do it at least for a day),sharing recipes in community sites would help spreading the blog name.

4.      How the blog has changed your life and how many blog post in a month.

Blogging gifted me some wonderful blogger friends like you. Blogging introduced me to the ocean of variety recipes around the globe. Blogging makes me creative.I don’t blog regularly have posted only about 100 recipes in two years.

5.      Finally,a few words about MLH.

The name Mahaslovelyhome says it all. Yes this blog is the reflection of a loving wife, a caring mother and above all a great happy cook. Keep going Maha. Wishing you all the success from the bottom of my heart.
Once again heartfelt gratitude for giving me a space in your Blog. Hope You and your readers will enjoy this post. Iam really honored to do a guest post in one of the famous Indian food blog. Thank you so much Maha for giving me this opportunity.

That was an amazing chit chat..Each and every answer looks very genuine and loving words about me..hahahah.Thank you dear for encouraging me with nice comments...It`s very supporting too.

Now to the recipe:


1.      Chicken-500gm,cut into medium sized boneless pieces
2.      Kashmiri chilly powder-1 tblsp
3.      Ginger garlic paste-1 tblsp
4.      Kasoorimethi-3/4 tblsp
5.      Black salt-1/4 tsp(optional)
6.      Ajwain seeds-1/4 tsp
7.      Thick curd-1/4 cup
8.      Lemon juice-2 tsp
9.      Salt
10.  Oil-1 tblsp+ little for brushing the tikkas while cooking
11.  Capsicum-1 no,de ribbed and cut into squares
12.  Onion-1 medium ,cut into squares
13.  Tomato-1 medium, deseeded and squared

Method of preparation

1.      Mix the ingredients 2 -10 well. Add in chicken pieces and vegetable pieces into this and mix everything up .Keep this in fridge for at least 2 hours.
2.      Bring it to room temperature before cooking.
3.      Preheat the oven at 220 for 15 minutes. Arrange the chicken pieces and vegetable on skewers and bake at 190 for 20-30 minutes or until the edges turned really brown and the meat is cooked through. Brush little oil in between to prevent the meat from drying.
 Serve it as a starter with mint chutney or enjoy with any kind of rotis..

Totally I enjoyed the today`s guest post of our lovely friend Rani. Today,came to know more about her through this post and her sincere opinions and answers..I can understand blogging regularly may not possible for all that too for busy mom`s..I appreciate her love and interest on cooking and blogging..Wish you all d best and success dear..Take care and happy blogging.By,the way I loved this easy,guilt free chicken tikka which s perfect to enjoy any time even kids also loves it, damn sure..Thanks dear.

Friends..I wish you a happy weekend to all of you.take care of health.Keep sharing your ideas,suggestions and don`t forget to share if you have tried and tested any recipes of MLH..Your comments and support is very important for us.Happy cooking..happy blogging


  1. Thanku Maha for those lovely words:)
    my husband happened to see your blog while i was posting this.Maha i must tell you that you had troubled me by your yummy recipes;)after had a look at your dishes he asked me to prepare all those :)

  2. looks so tempting....lovely guest post dear...

  3. Nice guest post dears.Nice to know about rani..

  4. Our weekend is finish by the time I see this... boohoo! :( But the tikkas are a bonus, yum...


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