May 22, 2015

Friday With a Friend Guest Post By Hema Vijai | Chocolate Truffles | Chocolate Date Balls | Chocolate Desserts | Chocolate Recipes For Kids

Once in a while in the blogging world we cross paths with a fellow blogger who shares many of the same passions as you, such as my friend Hema over at aromatic Today she is a guest blogger in MLH and sharing one of her healthy easy chocolate dessert recipes!I know hema from long time,but never got a chance till now to talk or chat.Yeah..I think She is silent person and of course busy mommy ,so quite difficult to stay online.I can understand...But by writing comments in each other blogs we are in touch from last 2 years,still it`s continuing it..I love hema`s simple blog which is filled with healthy dishes which you can cook daily in kitchen..She shares all kind of vegetarian recipes,even cakes and baked goodies like cupcakes,cookies or desserts..The point which i like in her blog is simplicity..The recipes of her blog sounds like very easy and the pictures calls you to try it as soon as possible..No...Iam not lying...How can I lie about a very good friend that too about a sincere blogger.We bloggers put lots of efforts to publish a single recipe which may takes almost 1 hour per a post.So,by knowing that hard work,honesty and love on blog obviously I can understand easily about the recipes..The true vegetarians,spicy food lovers,can check her space immediately for wonderful recipes.I bet ..Surely you`ll get it..So,Don`t miss logging in her blog my dear friends.

Check out the small chit chat with Hema:

 About you,a few words which we don’t know
 I am Hema, blogging at Aromatic Cooking, apart from cooking, clicking and blogging, I love reading books and travelling.

 3 photography tricks or kitchen tips.
2. Food Photography - I am still learning, but these are the basic things that I follow, I take pictures only in natural light and do a little bit of basic editing with Picassa, and of course props play an important role.

How to develop blog page to get more views and fans 
3. I think, I am not the right person for this question, even I am looking for an answer for this question, but I think if you are very active on Facebook, sharing not only your blog pictures but other interesting stuff, you might get more friends and followers.

  How the blog has changed your life and how many blog post in a month
4. Even before blogging, I used to try out new dishes but staying in the US and though I had an oven all the time, I never ventured into baking, but after I started blogging, I have started baking and of course blogging keeps me busy. I try to post at least 2-3 times in a week.

Finally,a few words about MLH
5. Usha had started MLH almost at the same time as I had started mine, her blog has grown so much in the past three years and as a person, she's very friendly and straightforward, in fact I would like to ask her the third question, she has a good fan-following on Facebook,to sum it up, a very dedicated blogger. Thank you Usha, for asking me to do a guest post in your space.
Thank you for Lovely words and beautiful answers Dear...:)

Finally to the guest post, I made these Date And Cocoa Truffles, just as the name says these truffles need just those two ingredients, good quality dates and cocoa powder. They are not only easy to make but healthy too and most important, no need to switch on the stove..

Need To Have
Dates - 15
Unsweetened Cocoa Powder - 2 tablespoons
Vanilla Extract - 1/2 teaspoon ( Optional )
Chocolate Vermicelli ( Optional ) - to roll the truffles with

          Remove the seeds and chop the dates. Blend together the dates and cocoa powder. Remove, add the vanilla extract, mix it well, roll it into small bite-size balls and press them lightly over the chocolate vermicelli ( I broke them slightly with hand ) and enjoy.

wow...step wise pictures too..

Thank you Hema For the Wonderful post and pretty pictures..

I have chocolate boys in home and of course Iam also a mad chocolate lover.When you fold such a kind of healthy stuffs definitely it`s like double dhamaka to enjoy and that too which takes short time to make.These balls looking so cute and specially kids defnitely loves to bite,they may don`t know about the dates which we added for sweet taste.Moms always finds out the ways to feed kids healthy foods.This is the example for it..  Treat your loved ones on this  weekend with these decadent, homemade chocolate dates truffles! These four-ingredient raw treats are 100% vegan, healthy and delicious, and only take minutes to prepare.So,don`t miss..Just walk into kitchen and starts making..let your kids involve to make which is fun totally..:)

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