May 1, 2015

Friday with a friend Guest post by shobana | South Indian style Mixed Vegetable Mushroom Curry | Healthy Mixed Veggies Mushroom Curry For Rotis | Mixed vegetable Curry For Chapathi

Happy Friday Lovelies!I hope you all are enjoying friday guest posts every week and Iam also happy to introduce an amazing bloggers every time.Today,I have one of my close friend blog to share with you all today! 
Seriously, shobana from Shoba’s Delight has one of the most beautiful blog I’ve ever seen with even more amazing recipes...I’m always so inspired by each post she shares which are very healthy at the same time easier to cook. please go check out her blog and see for yourself how inspiring she is!  It’s my absolute pleasure to introduce to you Mrs.Shobana Dear!!!
Over to our dearest friend shobana!!
Hey guys...Hope you are all doing well. A lovely Friday with my recipe in Maha’s Space. Seeing so many of them doing guest post so fast, I am a bit lazy to send my post according to the time and delayed three weeks. I don’t chat with many of them but at times I vie their posts and love to experiment it.My recipes are very simple, healthy and time consuming.

1. About you few words which we don't know
Thank you dear for this wonderful opportunity. I am Shobana Vijay, author of “Shoba’s Delight”. I am an Architect and obviously love designing, listening to music.
Reading fiction books. According to me, learning never stops. I am  jovial, ,helpful and always play with my kids and gets scolding from my husband for not being like a mom.(I go with kids choice).I tried to experiment various type of  cuisines .I do have a taste of doing lots of combo recipes. My son always wanted that way and so it’s easy for me input many ingredients in one dish.My hubby now a day is showing some interest in my blog and helping me.

2- 3 photography tips & kitchen tipsPhotography Tips:
• Focus on objects with clarity and proper sunlight.

Kitchen tips
To reduce the bitterness of methi leaves, first mix them with some salt and set aside for a few minutes. Then rinse under running water. This helps to draw out all the bitter juices, improving the taste of these healthful greens Store spices in a cool, dark place. Humidity, light and heat will cause herbs and spices to lose their flavor more quickly.Shallots burn easily because of their high sugar content. For this reason, sauté briefly over low to medium heat.

3. How to develop blog n blog page to get more fans n views
To develop a blog, you need to focus properly on writing a good content and at least post 2 to 3 recipes in a week. People will look for a clear view of understanding. The procedure should always be in a point type so that whoever in a hurry too can make it up.Actually to be frank, getting more fans is not in our hands. In simple words, getconnected with people and if any help they are in-need, don’t ever ignore them. Do leave comments in their blog and try at least few recipes of ur fav blogs.

4. How blog changed ur life& how many posts ur doing in a month
Believe me or not, I never went to the kitchen to help my mom before marriage. I always have a pencil to scribble in my drawing sheet and roam the entire city with my friends. Now completely in the kitchen trying out various cuisines .Blogging is just like a hobby for me in the beginning and then when days passed by, it became a part of my life. I do work from morning till night and at the end of my day, something tells me that I need to post recipe or do something like commenting to other blogs, viewing their posts. I got many friends through blogging. Sometimes I don’t time either to view or post, so I will just leave a comment in Fb.
I was posting 10 recipes permonth, now planning to increase till 15 recipes.

5. Finally, few words abt MLH...
Obviously through blogging and FB.I just know there is a blog name “Mahaslovelyhome” in the beginning which has good recipes.Maha, a lovely person in heart and very open typee. Her blog contains many Andhra recipes and love those spice in it .She was the first guest post in my blog. Everyone in my family liked her Sesame Prawns which was her recipe in my blog. I do love lots of her recipes. I like most of her baking and rice recipes. She is very active and an awesome lady who does blogging and simultaneously enjoying life with her family.

Now let’s get to the recipe.

Vegetable Mushroom is a rich dish which is packed with nutritious stuffs mushroom and these vegetable brings sharp taste with some onions, ginger paste, garlic, tomatoes gives an amazing flavour. Wanted to cook mushrooms in different way from the regular gravy or dry subji. So tried first time a vegetarian preparation in my way. It turned out rich, full of heady flavors.

Mushrooms rarely made an appearance at meal time during my childhood years so I don’t even remember how and when I started liking them. There was this white puffy vegetable that had hit the vegetable market and no one cared about it for a while. They say it’s a kind of fungi – could be poisonous, the rumor went viral. I still remember how small button mushrooms were cooked with just shelled, sweet tasting winter peas and gently simmered in a tomato base

Prep time
Cook time
20 mins
15 mins
3 persons

Cuisine: Indian
Recipe Type: Breakfast

·        Button Mushroom -250 gms
·        Vegetables -250 gms(Carrot, beans,,cabbage,potato,capsicum)
·        Peas -1/4 cup
·        Chopped onions-1 cup
·        Chopped tomatoes -1/2 cup
·        Ginger garlic paste -1 tbsp.
·        Red chili powder -1/2 tsp
·        Coriander powder -1 tsp
·        Turmeric powder -1 tsp
·        Amchur powder -1 tsp(Optional)
·        Cinnamon stick -1 inch
·        Salt – to taste
·        Cilantro –few sprigs(For garnishing)

Clean the mushrooms and slice them. If using frozen peas, thaw them. Set aside. Heat the pan with oil and add cinnamon stick, chopped onions & ginger garlic paste.

When the onions start to soften & turn lightly brown, add the chopped tomatoes, chopped vegetables. Stir for few minutes.Now add all the spice powders like turmeric, coriander and red chili powder to the kadhai and turn heat to medium-low. Fry together on medium heat until oil oozes out along the corners.
Let the tomatoes cook down and soften, cook this masala till you see oil separating on sides. Now stir in the cooked mushrooms and mix well, check for salt and add to taste. Also add pinch of salt. Cook the mushrooms till they are tender. This will depend on the variety you are using.

Adjust spices to your taste. Does not overcook mushrooms; cook only till the liquid dries up.
You can also squirt little lemon juice/vinegar if you like. Serve immediately.

Thank you so much shoba for guest posting today, this dish looks absolutely spicy and delicious and is the perfect for breakfast,even with rotis or with rice.I really enjoyed the whole post today,hope you guys also loved it really.Thank you so much for the lovely answers and kind words about me and my blog..Hehehehehe!!!!!!!

Friends!!! Make sure to stop by her fabulous blog and say don`t forget saying hello!Enjoy and Thanks for stopping by!

Happy weekend and happy blogging every one :)


  1. I love mushrooms in any form...... This is a healthy and delicious version.... :)

  2. Its my pleasure to be in your space dear.Thank you

  3. nice post dearies and blessed to have besties like you both:)

  4. lovely guest post dears... :)


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