May 3, 2015

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It`s school holiday today..Again saturday and sunday....Iam going to die with three days Mahas boys fun and noise.This new school "Bertoni" is good and concentrates lot on syllabus more than playing and fun..Hahaha!!! Even,they sent a notification in diary that they don`t celebrates students birthdays in class..
Strange!!! But it`s really good decision too.Actually,We couple was worried lot about both boys education..When we decided to change school,In february searched few schools,but not satisfied with syllabus and most of the important there was no english class dailly  and the portion is very less.Finally after checking out well in bertoni I was satisfied and decided to send both in same school though it is very long from my home.Why,Iam telling all these is,It`s not much easy to convince our selves in our children studies matter..also,it`s a big deal to teach her own kids for a mother when compared with other children. Nowadays,daily Iam facing argument with mahadev while doing home work . .Hahhaha!!!

TOP 10 SIMPLE FRESH MANGO DESSERTS (quick n easy to make)



1/8 cup (35 g) whole black chia seeds (you can use white or black or mixed)
2 tbsp whipping cream
1 tablespoon toasted coconut flakes
1 medium size ripen mango
1 tsp cinnamon powder (optional)
3/4 cup boiled milk


Puree the mango pulp until smooth in a blender.Spoon mango pulp into a bowl.Add chia,cream,coconut,cinnamon powder and mix through until combined.

Add in milk and mix nicely.Divide in 2 serving bowls.Garnish with sliced almond flakes if you like or with flaked toasted coconut.Refrigerate and serve chilled.


Combine water and chia seeds in 1/4 cup water, into a bowl and stir gently for 3 minutes.
Set aside for 20 minutes, stirring 3 – 4 times to allow the chia seeds to form into a soft gel.Then add in mango pulp along with another ingredients.


You can use almond milk  and skip cream for pure vegan version 

Also coconut milk works out well in the recipe.

Use powdered sugar for sweet taste if you want.

You can keep chia gel in fridge for one week.

cinnamon is an optional only.

After preparing this pudding serve in the same day,don`t refrigerate it for more than 1 day.


  1. adding chia makes it healthy... i went to buy some chia over here and literally fainted at the price! Hehe...


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