May 13, 2015

Hyderabadi Popular Khubani Ka Meetha Recipe | How to Make Qubani Ka Meetha | Indian Popular Desserts | Apricot Pudding In Indian Style | Dried Apricots Halwa | hyderabadi popular dishes

Qubani ka meetha or  khubani ka meetha recipe is in my mind from a long time but every time my laziness postponing it. Hehehehe.. I heard about this dessert lot but sadly never tasted it..Yup..But I feel some times lucky too. Because Iam tasting all the popular recipes which are cooked with my very own hands.hahahaha..Thanks to wiki which gives a detailed information about all which are very helpful to know..
Whenever I wants to cook popular recipes along with google,often searches in wiki for the clear information.Even for this recipe also browsed in wiki and came to know some good information about hyderabad which I don`t know til now even I`m a hyderabadi..Oops.That`s silly!!! 

Coming to this,It is an Indian dessert which prepared from fresh or dried apricots and comes from Hyderabadi

cuisine. It’s a traditional recipe which is very popular in Hyderabadi royal weddings. In this recipe need fresh pitted apricots and later we use those nuts which are inside the fruit in the dessert..But,luckily can use dried apricots also to make this.So, I went with dried apricots and followed very simple method to make it is easy..The process which I have given here is quite easy and time saving..There are many other ways in the cooking process of this recipe,but I feel this is the most easiest method to cook even beginners also can follow.Also,the serving method is quite simple which have many options.Like you can serve with fresh whipped cream,ice cream,custard or lots of sliced nuts..So,the choice is yours.Try it soon and enjoy :)

CATEGORY- Hyderabadi Royal Recipes
PREPARATION TIME- 10 MINUTES (Except Soaking time)


Dried Apricots : 15 (pitted)
White Sugar : as per requirement (1/2 cup I used)
Sliced almonds : 2 tbsp
milk : ½ cup (1/2 cup if you like)
Cardamoms powder-1 tsp for flavor


Chop apricots very finely and  Soak in enough water (just to cover the apricots) overnight. They will become soft and plumpy. Use big vessel or bowl because they doubles in size when you soak for long time.

Turn of heat under a non stick pan add in apricots and water which we used to soak apricots, cook for 10 minutes in medium flame.Now add in milk and mix nicely.Cook for 10 minutes in low flame and keep stirring to avoid sticking.

Now pour in the sugar and mix gently until it dissolves completely.Keep stirring and cook on low heat till it reaches a creamy, mushy consistency.Add in cardamom powder at this stage.

If the mixture looks too thick or dry add in 1/2 cup more milk and keep stirring.If you are sweet tooth can add 2-3 tbsp more sugar.It`s optional only.If you add extra milk cook for 10 more minutes in low flame.

Khubani ka meetha is ready. You can serve it warm or cold with the topping thick /whipped cream, or ice cream. I garnished with finely sliced almonds..
Tastes best chilled.

  • Serve it with ice cream
  • If you are using fresh apricots soak for long time and the seeds of apricots have nuts in them, you can break out these nuts and add them to the sweet to give it a slight crunch.
  • Make simple vanilla custard and serve Khubani Ka Meetha with it.
  • If the apricots are not pitted then remove the seeds. The apricots which I used are already pitted so I skipped this.
  • When you end the process of recipe,for soft and creamy texture Khubani Ka Meetha  you can puree it for a smooth texture or you can blend half quantity and use half crushed.But already I chopped apricots finely before the process. so,skipped this step.


  1. This looks delicious! I have some apricots in my pantry...will try the recipe :)

  2. Very well.. yummy halwa! thanks for sharing :)

  3. Wow....! delicious halwa....please pass me a portion ..... :)

  4. mouth watering halwa dear :)

  5. that looks so delicious. Will try this soon as I have dried apricots.

  6. I always wanted to try this sweet.. looks very delicious.

  7. I have some dried apricot in my pantry and u r now tempting me badly... grrr...


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