July 6, 2015

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Papaya is our favorite fruit.So,often loves to buy it..Usually I prefer salads and some times for a change tried this kind of innovative combination juices too.I should thank my hubby,who agrees to taste what ever I try even if he likes or not..Except chocolate folded recipes,almost all the other foods I serves him and then the question will be "how is it"In the starting he used to say all the time like yaa.
it`s good.But,one day said seriously to share the honest opinions which may helps me to learn more.So,that journey is continuing still now.Bascially he loves fruit lot.So,I prefer different combinations of milkshakes,juices for him every time.Even I have few diet juices recipes last year which are his favorite..So,This papaya milk shake also one of us favorite recipe and proud to say that it is my very own creation.Hehhehehe.Just opened the fridge and  picked up dates and apple.to blend with papaya..That`s it.. :) Try this next time and enjoy immediately.


1 small red apple
1 cup chopped ripen papaya3-5 dates seedless
milk-2 cups (I used 3% fat)
1/2 cup water-optional


Take all the in juice mixer and blend for half minute or until smooth and puree..

If it looks too thick add in more milk and if tastes less sweet add in honey..

Eat Healthy-Stay Healthy :)


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Thank you..

Happy blogging!Happy cooking!

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