May 25, 2015

Peanut butter dried apricots milkshake | Peanut Butter Recipes | Quick and easy milkshakes recipes for kids | Breakfast Ideas | 10 Peanut butter Recipes | Dried apricot recipes

Peanut butter is in the first place in my list to finish soonly in kitchen now.Every time,Iam trying with different combinations. Already posted few recipes,this month and today it is an another combination drink which you are going to see...This time,i used dried apricots along with milk and ice cream..It`s a filling milkshake and healthy too..

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CATEGORY-Milkshakes/Break fast Recipes 


Peanut butter- 2 -3 tbsp
dried apricots-5
milk-1 cup
vanilla ice cream- 1 cup


Blend apricots into fine paste first..With the remaining ingredients again blend into smooth puree.

Pour in glasses.refrigerate for few minutes if possible.Serve chilled..

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