May 21, 2015

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Last few weeks back Hubby brought a small bag of persimmon fruits which are new to me..Immediately searched for recipes in web and then came to know that ,can try number of recipes like milkshakes, desserts,puddings with persimmon..Surprising...How I missed this beautiful fruit all these days..
Every day,for breakfast and some times for evening  I have tried different combination milk shakes specially for hubby...So,this is one of the healthy drink which I created..Adding dates is an awesome idea really so,don`t need any sugar or honey even..If you like can add ice cream for rich taste like vanilla or pineapple ice cream..Choice is yours...If persimmon available at your place try it next time and enjoy a glass in the break fast time which is very filling..:)

CATEGORY-Milkshakes/Breakfast Ideas


    2 ripe persimmon
    1 glass of milk or 2 cups milk (3%fat)
    1 scoop vanilla ice cream (optional)
      sweetner -few drops (optioanl)

  • You can use the persimmon as peeled or unpeeled. Cut the friut and remove seeds
  • Measure the milk with the glass you will use.

  • Mix all the ingredients in a blender except sweetener. Blend for half minute or until smooth and silky.Pour in serving glasses and serve..If you have time refrigerate for few minutes.

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