July 20, 2015

Persimmon milkshake | Persimmon milkshake with ice cream | Breakfast Ideas

Few days back,I have posted Persimmon dates milkshake,but actually should post first this recipe which is the basic milkshake with Persimmon..Milkshakes are very tasty,tummy filling which are perfect for breakfast..Until last week it was damn hot in foz so,most of the days i went for milkshakes for hubby dear..Hehehehe.
Yes.only for him..I can`t imagine my day without coffee.usually,I take my milkshake glass in the evening time.So,this recipe also bit old one which i tried 2-3 weeks before for hubby darling.One of the reasons behind my milk shakes is ice creams box.Yeah.after having few scoops of ice creams I don`t like to have it again so,instead of keeping like that in fridge blends with fruits to make this kind of milkshakes.Using left over ice cream like this is a very good idea I think.Next time,instead of eating same old ice creams,fodl it with fruits and enjoy a glass.

CATEGORY- Milkshakes/summer time milkshakes


Persimmon-2 fruits
any ice cream-2 scoops
chilled/cold milk-1 cup or 1 1/2 cups


Chop fruit,remove seeds,blend with milk and ice cream until smooth and creamy.Serve chilled.Add 2-3 ice cubes before serving if you like.

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