July 8, 2015

Pineapple Halwa | Pineapple Oats Halwa | Pineapple Oatmeal Sheera | Halwa varieties | Quick and easy pineapple desserts | Pineapple Sweets Recipes Indian

Pineapple halwa is one of the wonderful dessert to try out...Pineapple is an unique fruit which is tastes bit sweet and tangy..Iam not a big lover of this big fruit.but came to know that my hubby likes lot..Basically he loves fruit allot.So,can`t stop him while buying..Few days brought 4 pineapples and I was confused to use all those.Immediately chopped two fruits to freeze..
With the remaining fruits tried to few recipes,so this is one the halwa which I cooked along with oats combination. The recipe sounds innovative but tastes delicious..Pineapple lovers can try this yummy halwa for a change and adding oats is a healthy idea too.Though Iam not pineapple lover really likes this dessert..Try this if you like sweets or sweet tooth ..Hope this step wise pictures may helps you too.

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Pineapple paste (fresh)-1 cup
Oat meals -1 cup
Sugar -1 cup
Dry fruits chopped - 1/4 cup cashews+almonds+raisins
Ghee/neyyi -2 tbsp
Pineapple essence- 1/4 tbsp (optional)


1.Take a pan pour some ghee and fry the dry fruits for few minutes till light golden colour.

2.In the same add some more ghee,add pineapple paste to the pan and fry for few minutes.

3.Add some water to the pan,add oats,sugar as required and mix well evenly.Cook for couple of minutes on medium flame.

4.Keep stirring the mixture for five minutes,without sticking to the bottom of pan.

5.Finally add fried dry fruits and cardamom powder  to the frying pan and mix well.When the halwa starts separating from pan turn off and serve hot.

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