May 10, 2015

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After shifting to foz Iam not visiting paraguay,Infact not interested to go often even.Why Iam saying this is,actually I like CDE (ciudad del este)city  in paraguay where we couple started out life together in an apartment which is very near to hubby deposite..We couple was very close to that flat and almost pur eyes filled with tears while leaving that sweet home.
It was the beautiful place which connected to our hearts with lots of memories.Listened the great news of becoming mommy in that flat,Used to fight like a little girl in the beginning days,then trying to understand with each other,holiday trips,going to check ups,scannings,then crying when came to know about c-section is must,hubby wiping out my tears,dreaming  about little baby,waiting for hubby darling til the mid night even in the pregnancy times,massaging little cuties,recording  their naughtiness suing handicam,taking lots of pictures,out goings,fightings,carings Oh..It`n an endless list.Though it`s rent flat,attached heartfully because we never felt that it`s just a home with walls,but it`s a palace where we started loving with each other.

Yup..That`s an emotional personal story.But,not that much of personal to hide I think,Sharing happiness or sad with our beloved ones is quite natural and that`s what which I did now..Why,iam saying all these actually??? Yeah/..I got it..The reason behind remembering this happy story is this,bottle gourd. Hahahaha.That sounds so funny nah...O.K.let me explain..bottle gourd,bitter gourd,amaranthus leaves can only get in cde,so,last few days when I visited there with hubby bought this and planned for few recipes.this is the kheer which i created by imaging the combination and then while uploading these pictures started recollecting all good old memories..:) Hehehehehe..Every thing happens for a reason.:)

Payasam or kheer is an indian popular sweet which people used to make on festival times,occasions or in happy moments..being sweet tooth,I often prepares different kheers usually, and hubby also asks for a share some times.So,I started creating different combination of kheers with some healthy touch..Though my hubby is not sweet tooth,I observed that he loves to eat some thing in the evening times and searches fridge..Hehehehe.After watching this habit of him,started cooking simple foods so,can enjoy both.bottle gourd kheer is quite famous in india also,sabudana kheer. Both kheer recipes are unique in taste and according to the taste can cook with sugar or jaggery which is depended on our taste.So,by using those two main ingredients tried this simple sweet with jaggery..Note that point;not sugar.Its jaggery..So,I think I can call this healthy recipe as well. Roasting grated bottle gourd gives a nice flavor to kheer and sabudana pearls melts softly because of soaking in water before going to the process.The togtherness of the sabudana and lauki is quite amazing and perfect..Don`t miss trying out this delicious Indian style pudding/dessert next time when you buy doodhi and enjoy always with family..:)

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1.Carrot kheer

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1 cup bottle gourd (loki, doodhi, ghyia)
1/2 cup sabudana/sago pearls/javvarisi/tapiocal pearls/saggubiyyam2 tablespoon butter or ghee
4 cups 3%fat milk
1/2-3/4 cup jaggery/bellam

1/2  teaspoon coarsely ground cardamom powder

indian kheer recipe

Peel the bottle gourd and take out the seeds. Shred the bottle gourd and squeeze-out the water gently.Soak sabudana in 1 of water for 30 minutes -2 hours.(it`s depended on sabudana quality.I used to soak for 1 hour (or more) usually)

Heat butter or ghee in non stick pan on medium heat and add the shredded bottle gourd and stir-fry for about 4-5 minutes and transfer it in to a bowl.add one more tbsp ghee and fry nuts,raisins.keep aside.

Boil the milk in same pan on medium high heat. While boiling milk add in bottle gourd and stir often for 3-5 minutes.

Now add in soaked sabudana pearls and mix well.Now stir well to ensure the milk does not burn in the bottom of the pan and cook for another 10 minutes until the milk is creamy.

Reduce heat to low and add coarsely crushed jaggery/bellam and cardamom powder. Mix and cook for another about 2-3 minutes until jaggery melts completely and turn off the heat.

You can serve warm or cold.But,this  kheer tastes the best when it is served chilled .

indian festival payasam recipe

indian healthy payasam recipes with bellam
sago indian pudding recipe

bottle gourd kheer recipe


  1. Looks really so delicious... never made kheer with lauki...

  2. Bottle gourd is not my favourite but I am sure I can include it in my diet now through this delicious recipe!!!

  3. A very interesting and delicious combination!

  4. interesting recipe.. nice way to include lauki in kheer...

  5. Very very yummy.. mouth watering..I miss it here in US

  6. tempting payasam,love to have it :)


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