June 2, 2015

Biyyapindi Chekkalu | Savoury Rice crackers | Biyyam Pindi Palli Pappu Chekkalu | Deep fried rice flour peanut crackers

rice flour crackers
Rice crackers or pappu billalu are my favorite child hood snack which amma used to make during festival times..Vinayaka chavithi /Ganesh chaturthi is a big festival in Dad`s home which we people celebrate by kepting lord ganesh idol at home for 5 or 10 days..So,generally on this festival or some times on dasara or diwali she used to make these deep fried thattai in huge quantity along with muruku..Still,I remember the scene which she do always in kitchen..
Amma always loves to cook/make in huge quantity even it is sweet,snack,biryani,non veg or pickles.Her hands are big which donate often to neighbours and friends..She occupies the complete kitchen,arranges a big flame gas stove which people uses in functions,sets aside big besan with rice flour mixture,another side hot water to make dough,a big kadai with huge oil and a large slotted ladle.This was the set up which we can see there.Never never helped amma in kitchen,still she never complained about it,in fact she never forced me to learn cooking even.still I proudly says,what ever iam cooking today,it`s because of her.I mean I got that method,cooking style through my mom.I can feel that reflection my self while aim doing.While I was frying this crackers was tired really with just a small batch and started remembering mom lot and her way of making..Realized how much she loves us and patience she shown on us..Really moms are the great persons in the world. :)

rice flour  savoury crackers




Rice Flour - 3 1/2 cups ( I used store bought)
Peanuts /ground nuts- 1 cup
roasted chana dal/putnala pappu - 1/3 cup
Red Chilles - 8 (depending on the mirchi spice)
Curry leaves - 1/2 cup
Oil - Deep Fry
asafoetida/hing-2 pinches
butter or ghee-2 tbsp
 cumin seeds -1 tsp/optional
Sesame seeds/nuvvulu - 1 tbsp 
Salt as per taste

The red chili which i used are not too spice.so, I added again 2 tsp of red chili powder.

festival snacks


1 Bring a cup of water to boil. In a  mixy jar take salt,sesame
 seeds,red chilli,asafoetida,Peanuts,roasted chana dal (if using -cumin seeds also) and grind into fine powder..sift rice flour in besan/mixing bowl and combine above ground mixture.If you want spicy add red chili powder at this time or you can increase the number of dry red chili. 

2  add warm ghee or butter,cumin seeds to the rice flour mixture and combine well. Then add warm water slowly and make it like a dough. Test the dough for salt before deep-frying.

3 Heat a wide heavy bottomed vessel with enough oil for deep frying. Take a small lemon sized ball of the dough, place on an oiled plastic sheet or banana leaf and using your fingers shape into a 2″ circle. Use a fork or knife to make small dents all over the chekkalu so that they don’t puff up when deep frying. Here I used roti/poori press/maker with plastic cover.

4 Once the oil is hot, slowly peel the shaped chekkalu off the plastic sheet and slide into the hot oil. Based on the size of vessel and amount of oil, you can deep fry a batch of 5-8 chekkalu. Don’t crowd the vessel with too many. Reduce flame to medium and deep fry the chekkalu to a golden colour. Remember the frying has to be done on medium flame to achieve that golden color and crispness.

5 When the chekkalu turn a golden color use a slotted ladle to remove onto an absorbent paper and cool. Repeat the same process till the rest of the dough is done. Cool completely before storing in an air tight metallic container.

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