July 31, 2015

Soya chunks capsicum masala curry | Soya nuggets capsicum masala | Meal maker bell pepper curry | Easy Indian vegetariancurries&gravies for roti

Meal maker is my favorite which I like to in curry ,gravy forms more which goes well with flat breads like roti,chapathi.I have tried this curry according to my taste on my own idea..Capsicum is one of finest vegetable which suits perfectly with all kind of vegetables..

Friday with a friend - Guest Post by Anitha | Cucumber Salad | Khaman kakdi | Quick and Easy Salad Recipes | Kheera Salad |Salad recipes for weightloss

 Hi every one..welcome to MLH friday guest post..Today we are going to anitha who blogs at anithacooks.com  Iam excited to introduce a new friend on my blog.We met very recently and also we are in touch with blogs..When I asked about writing a guest post,she come up with fantastic recipe that is very healthy and easy too..

July 28, 2015

Mutton Pasanda | How to Make Mutton Pasanda | Gosht Pasanda with step by step pictures | curry | Easy Mutton Gravies | Easy Gosht Curries

Mutton pasanda is the ultimate gravy and one of famous dish of mutton. In this you can use boneless meat or boned meat too..So,I went with boned meat as usaually.Pasanda is a wonderful meaty recipe to make your cooking special in your kitchen. It is so easy to

prepare at home.

July 26, 2015

Bread Halwa | Oatmeal Bread Halwa | Bread Oatmeal Halwa | Easy Indian Sweet Recipes | Quick and Easy Bread Halwa with Oats | Sunday Simple Desserts

Bread halwa is one of the easiest dessert of hyderabad,which you can cook within 10-15 minutes..It is a simple halwa which is perfect to have after lunch or even at dinner time.Generally sunday people takes rest,but my brain thinks double sharply and forces me creat innovative desserts mostly.Hehehehe....

July 20, 2015

Persimmon milkshake | Persimmon milkshake with ice cream | Breakfast Ideas

Few days back,I have posted Persimmon dates milkshake,but actually should post first this recipe which is the basic milkshake with Persimmon..Milkshakes are very tasty,tummy filling which are perfect for breakfast..Until last week it was damn hot in foz so,most of the days i went for milkshakes for hubby dear..Hehehehe.

July 17, 2015

Friday Guest post By Divya Ashok | Fresh Strawberry cake with Butter cream Frosting | Rose Swirl Cake Decoration Basics | How to make a strawberry layer cake

Good evening, friends! babaiI am super excited to write guest post..Yeah.I was absent for four weeks I know..But,family is very important than our hobbies right?? I have disappointed you people, all these days,Hope I will be active from now on fridays guest posts..

July 16, 2015

Quick and Easy Banana Sandwich | Easy Banana Sweetcorn Sandwich | Easy Sandwich Recipes For Kids | Breakfast Ideas

It`s a simple sandwich with an innovative combination..Banana peanut butter sandwich is one of the popular sandwich recipe which every one knows..I have posted that recipe few days back,but here I used carrot and sweet corn along with banana..

July 15, 2015

Spicy Grilled Chicken Drumsticks | Grilled Chicken Drum sticks With Mint,Cilantro | Herb Grilled Chicken Drumsticks in Indian Style | South Indian Non vegetarian Recipes

Chicken drum sticks are my family favorite,specially mahas boys loves lot. Generally i cook gravies which can serve eaisly with rice or even with rotis,but both my boys always asks for deep fried version...So,some times bakes marinated drum sticks and some times deep fries for them usually on saturdays.. This time for a change,tried this grill method..

Quinoa Pergu Pachadi | Quinoa curd Raita | quick and easy curd raita recipes | South indian easy yogurt raita recipes

When you love healthy food definitely you`l love to try to take it in various ways.Til now I have cooked quinoa in different types.This time again came in front of you all with new variety recipe..Here I used quinoa in raita recipe.. Yes... It`s an interesting recipe and a hit recipe too.. Taking healthy,protein packed quinoa in meals is very important,so when you cook different recipes every time you may not feel bore too..

July 13, 2015

Potato Muruku | Bangaladumpa Jantikalu | Aloo Muruku with step wise Pictures | Easy muruku recipes | Diwali savoury snacks recipes

Hi every one...Hope you all are doing great...Exactly after one month blogging again..I was away to blogging because of multiple reasons but understood now that it`s important to keep our selves with good hobbies instead of wasting time on stupid issues..

Cantaloupe Milkshake | Cantaloupe Dates Milkshake | Dulce de leche Recipes | Break Fast Ideas

 It`s an innovative combination drink which I created..Basically cantaloupe is a fruit which can eat directly or can make simple juice/milk shakes out of it..Adding dates also may be not a bad idea..But,adding dulce de leche is quite interesting which you all feeling,even for me it still sounds different..

July 12, 2015

Double Chocolate Fudge Brownies | How To Make Moist Chocolate Brownies | Rich Chocolate Brownies | Home made Chocolate Brownies

Brownies are my favorite.Yeah...iam loving chocolate brownies these days,even some times feeling confusion to select either iam a chocolate(cake) person or brownie girl...Hahahaha..I have posted few days a simple basic chocolate brownie recipe. This time sharing a double chocolate brownies which are moist and fudgy.. 

July 10, 2015

Sorakaya Perugu Pachadi | Anapakaya Raita | Bottle Gourd In Spiced Yogurt | Easy Curd Raita Recipes For Chapathi | Sorakaya Recipes | Bottle gourd Recipes

Perugu/Yogurt/Curd Is my favorite food which I love to eat any time..Wondering??? But It`s true.. I am heart dying fan to home made fresh thick yogurt and mom  prefers to make at home always instead of buying it out side..Once upon a time,I used to eat rice only with curd and Amma`s mango pickle.Even still remember the days when I avoided lunhc or dinner because of absence of curd at home..Amma also always says it and often asks in phone whether good quality yogurt is available or not,here in my place..

July 8, 2015

Pineapple Halwa | Pineapple Oats Halwa | Pineapple Oatmeal Sheera | Halwa varieties | Quick and easy pineapple desserts | Pineapple Sweets Recipes Indian

Pineapple halwa is one of the wonderful dessert to try out...Pineapple is an unique fruit which is tastes bit sweet and tangy..Iam not a big lover of this big fruit.but came to know that my hubby likes lot..Basically he loves fruit allot.So,can`t stop him while buying..Few days brought 4 pineapples and I was confused to use all those.Immediately chopped two fruits to freeze..

July 6, 2015

Papaya Milkshake | Papaya Apple Dates Milkshake | Easy Papaya Recipes | Summer Drinks | Indian Summer Juices | Break Fast Milkshakes

Papaya is our favorite fruit.So,often loves to buy it..Usually I prefer salads and some times for a change tried this kind of innovative combination juices too.I should thank my hubby,who agrees to taste what ever I try even if he likes or not..Except chocolate folded recipes,almost all the other foods I serves him and then the question will be "how is it"In the starting he used to say all the time like yaa.

July 4, 2015

Peanut Butter Oatmeal Milkshake | Quick and Easy Milkshake Recipes with Ice cream | Tasty milk shakes for Break fast | Easy Peanut Butter Recipes For Kids

Looks like it`s a shower of milkshakes in MLH.. That too with peanut butter all the time.Today Iam introducing another healthy milkshake of peanut butter with combination of oatmeal.It is a simple recipe which may need just 5 minutes to prepare but definitely tummy filling.Making milkshakes is a not big task,but firs should know the pairing and how the taste result..

July 1, 2015

Triple Chocolate Banana Cake With Chocolate Frosting | Easy Chocolate Banana Cake Without Butter | Rich,Tasty,Moist Chocolate Banana Cake Using Oil | Healthy Breakfast Cake Recipes

 I can`t say any words about this cake..Just see the texture,color and it`s richness...I need a treatment for my disease..Hehehe..Don`t scare...Iam telling here about my baking addiction..Always,I try to avoid it but automatically after 2 weeks heart starts craving for a cake and mind forces to search recipes..
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