July 31, 2015

Friday with a friend - Guest Post by Anitha | Cucumber Salad | Khaman kakdi | Quick and Easy Salad Recipes | Kheera Salad |Salad recipes for weightloss

 Hi every one..welcome to MLH friday guest post..Today we are going to anitha who blogs at anithacooks.com  Iam excited to introduce a new friend on my blog.We met very recently and also we are in touch with blogs..When I asked about writing a guest post,she come up with fantastic recipe that is very healthy and easy too..
She shares all kind of vegetarian recipes which are very easy to make and tasty too..I was quite impressed with her recipes,also today`s her guest post is very interesting..It is a simple salad which is very easy to make and healthy too.let`s check the chit chat and recipe..

1. Few words about u/something special which we dont know?
First of all, I want to thank Usha for giving me this beautiful opportunity. I am Anitha Kirubakaran of anithacooks. I was born & bought up in Chennai & at present I am staying in Dubai... 
My hubby & my whole family has been so supportive for my blog... 

2. 3 Food photogaphy tips or 3kitchen tips?
I am completely new to photography & I am still learning it:))) But I always try to use natural light for taking my pics...Although I am little impatient & I am trying my best to learn it... 

1.While making pasta, I usually pressure cook them for 2 whisltes...By this way it saves time & energy. 
2.While making poori, always add 2-3tsp of dahi/curd & rest the dough for 10mins..By this way, you will get really puffed pooris..No need to add baking powder/soda. 
3.I always plan things in advance so that it makes little easier & comfortable for me....I make them as a practise... 
4.I almost cook fresh foods everyday... I dont like refrigerated foods..I usually prefer oganic fresh fruits & veggies...I try to use greens for almost 3-4days a week... 

3. How to improve fans n followers for food blog & facebook page? 
I do follow other blogs & try to comment on the recipes that are really new to me... 
I also try to post recipes regularly & I choose simple recipes & post them with step by step pics & with proper instructions & measurements. Of course all the recipes, that I post are traditional or they might be my Moms or Mils. 

4. How food blog have changed ur life?? How many recipes you are posting in a month approximately & ur memorable moments which related to blog?  
Blogging has enhanced my cooking & now it is my part of my life & I have started venturing in different cuisines... I try to post atleast 10-15recipes/month....

5. Finally, tell me few words abt MLH?? 
I have known Usha for the last couple of months through her lovely blog MLH & she is a great cook.. Especially with one-pot meals recipes I love them!!!

Although I have not interacted with her much but I am a frequent recipe dropper in Maha food collection page.... Although I am vegetarian, I also go & see some of her non-vegeterian recipes... 

It`s a lovely discussion with Anitha..Thank you for sweet answers and nice words about MLH..

Now to the recipe:

About the recipe: 

When Usha asked me to post a guest recipe without much delay I immediately said yes as it was a wonderful opportunity for me...I would like to really thank her from my bottom of my heart & ofcourse this is my first guest post.

Coming to the recipe it is a summer special -  (Cucumber) salad. 
Its a summer season too much hot in Dubai..I think it might be almost 40-45deg...Actual summer in July/August where in the temperature goes upto 50-60deg..
On those days, I dont feel like cooking elaborate recipes...I usually go for recipes that are quick,simple & ofcourse with not much spices. 

I always prefer light, quick salad during this season as they are light,healthy & filling too.I try to make different type of salads. This cucumber salad is one among them...quite simple & very easy to prepare . It requires very few ingredients that are readily available in our pantry. This salad is something to go with meals on fasting days too!!!

Cucumber - 2 cup
Peanuts - 1/4 cup 
Coconut - 3 tsp 
Green chillies - 2 
Salt - as per your taste 
Sugar - 1/2 tsp 
Lemon juice - 2 tsp 
Corainder leaves - 2 tsp 

To temper: 
Oil - 1/2 tsp 
Mustard seeds - 1/2 tsp 
Cumin seeds - 1/2 tsp 

1. Dry roast the peanuts & when they cool down peel the skin off & crush them. 
2. Peel the skin of cucumber & chop them into big chunks. 
3. Now combine all the ingredients in a deep bowl  & mix them well. 

Enjoy this healthy salad....Serve immediately or you can also refrigerate them for an hour. 

Tempering this salad is optional...But it immense the flavor of the salad. 
Peanuts can be replaced with roasted,crushed almonds/walnuts. They give a nice crunchiness to the salad. Adjust as accordingly... 

I have already told in the starting that it`s a new recipe and quite interesting too..Thank you for the lovely recipe dear Anitha.. Thank you for spending time to write this nice guest post for Mahaslovelyhome..


Your`s Lovingly,
Usha Rani.G :)

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