July 13, 2015

Potato Muruku | Bangaladumpa Jantikalu | Aloo Muruku with step wise Pictures | Easy muruku recipes | Diwali savoury snacks recipes

Hi every one...Hope you all are doing great...Exactly after one month blogging again..I was away to blogging because of multiple reasons but understood now that it`s important to keep our selves with good hobbies instead of wasting time on stupid issues..
Any way,I will be active from now soon will check all my friends blogs too..Thank you every one who messaged my personally and thank you those who supported and encouraged me.. :)

Coming to the recipe,I love muruku always and posted few recipes too..This time I came with an interesting combination of muruku recipe. Basically muruku means which is a deep fried a spicy snack by using rice flour mainly..But in this recipe I have added potato..Yes.. Iam sure it may surprises few,but it`s true..Check the below collage for clarification. Hehehehe.. This is the first time i tried this version and muruku came it so good..It was crispy and crunchy,totally a perfect to recipe to try any time..Next time when you plan to make some deep fried snacks go with this recipe and enjoy with family :)

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tsp= Tea spoon
tbsp= Table spoon

rice flour-3 cups (I used store bought)
1.Potato puree/aloo puree- 1 cup
2.red chili powder-1 tsp or to taste
3.salt-according to your taste
4.turmeric powder-1/2 tea spoon
5.cumin seeds-1 tsp
6.hing/asafoetida powder-1/2 tsp
7.hot water-1 cup to make dough
8.oil-4 tbsp

(Sun flower brand any of your choice )Oil for deep frying 


peel skin and boil potatoes in hot water for 15 minutes or until turns soft.. Then grind into soft paste/puree.

In a mixing bowl/besan take rice flour add in all the other ingredients from 1 to 8..

Using a spoon make it like soft dough and another side heat oil for deep frying. Now take any of your choice muruku plate and put some dough in muruku/chakli maker..

Keep the flame in medium under the oil and press muruku into oil carefully..or you can press first on bottom of the big&wide spoons then carefully leave in oil one by one.. (see the below picture)

Iam not particular about shape of the murku so,directly pressed in oil after taking the picture.Fry 3-4 murukus in one batch and other side cover the dough to avoid drying. Finish the dough (making muruku) in batch wises and always fry in medium flame..After frying well,take it out on kitchen paper towel to avoid the excess oil and later store in an air tight containers.

Serve with hot tea..

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