August 29, 2015

World`s best banana nut Bread | Banana Bread for break fast | Wheat flour banana nut bread recipe with step by step pictures

After saying good bye to wheat flour bread,started taking home made banana bread in the break fast time.. Even,hubby also enjoying home made breads these days...So,baking a banana bread every week became like a hobby for me..Also,every time i love to try new versions,instead of using same old recipes..

August 27, 2015

Indian Railway Mutton Curry | Mutton gravies | South indian non veg curries for rice and rotis | Quick n easy mutton curry - pressure cooker method

This is one of the Simple yet delicious, Goat Curry / Mutton Curry which is very famous in india ,"Called as Indian Railway mutton curry" It is also easy to put together. last few weeks back,when I want to cook a simple, mutton recipe thought to cook a very new dish.

August 25, 2015

Lima Beans Korma | Butter beans kurma | Lima Beans gravy recipes | Lima beans curry | south indian veg curries for rice and rotis

Most of the days,rotis takes place in our dinner time...So,for a pair every time I tries different curries,gravies.Lima beans are available easily here in all the super markets..So,quite often I pick ups a packet,to try new dishes every time..This is the one of the nice korma recipe which I have tried recently...

August 24, 2015

Paneer pakora | Spicy Paneer Fritters | How to make paneer pakoda with step by step images

Paneer  is one of the popular food of Indians which used to cook various recipes...I have posted some of paneer recipes in MLH.. This is also another famous snack of paneer which goes well in tea time snack.paneer pakoda or paneer deep fried fritters are well goes as evening snack or like a party snack too.

August 21, 2015

Friday Guest post by Shobha Keshwani from food Maaza | Spinach soup | palak Soup | Green soup | Easy soup recipes for winter time

It`s Friday 21 st August.. The most precious day in our life..6 years back on this same day Our elder son Mahadev came into our life..This year,because of hubby I skipped baking cakes for both boys birthdays..Also,understood that my kids only loves cake cutting part,except that they don`t shows even a drop of interest to eat the cake...That`s why I also decided to stop baking for birthdays...He is very eager to call his friends for party,but personally I don`t like parties,so skipped that too..Hope he`ll understood it..It`s tough to convince this generation kids really which is a big task for parents..

August 18, 2015

Mutton Do Pyaza | Mutton Do Piaza | Indian Style Mutton Dopiaza Curry | Easy Indian mutton Gravies For Rice and Roti | Gosht Curries

Happy saturday friends.Today Iam introducing another mutton dish which is very popular al lover the india..It is nothing but mutton pyaza means where we add onions two times in the cooking process.This curry is quite simple to make,tastes very spicy and delicious.the name of the dish itself gives the hint that it contains lots of onions..

August 17, 2015

Simple Dry fruit pulao | Simple Pulao without vegetables | Rice Varieties | Simple Indian Recipes

This is a rich and tasty rice pulao without any vegetables.But,there is a special in the recipe..Yes.It is fully loaded with dry fruits and nuts..I used cashews,almonds and raisins which are in my hand..But you can also pistachios,walnuts,hazel nuts,black raisins etc..The name of the recipe must significant the nuts in the pulao.

Dahi Chicken Bell Pepper Masala | Easy Chicken Masala Curry | Spicy chicken pepper masala gravy | Quick and Easy Pepper chicken curry with curd | Capsicum Curd Chicken Masala Curry with step by step pictures

I love to try different kind of gravies with non veg like mutton or chicken..Mostly I prefers traditional recipes.other than that some times tries my own ideas too..This is also one of the simple dish which I cooked according to my taste..I have used dry roasted pepper corns powder after pressure cooking teh, it gives a hot and spicy  taste to the dish..

August 15, 2015

Paneer pepper butter masala | Paneer Pepper Masala Gravy | Paneer Capsicum Masala | Paneer Gravy Recipes For Chapathi | Easy Paneer Gravies

paneer butter masala is one of the most popular dish of punjabi which a very good combination for roti,naan and plenty of paneer recipes are famous in Indian cuisine like palak paneer,kadai paneer,paneer 65 etc. this dish also similiar to paneer butter masala with slight difference.

Phool makhana masala with coconut milk | Quick and easy veg gravy recipes | phool makhana recipes

phool makhana gravy
Phool Makhana or lotus seeds are flavor less,light in calories,can make various recipes like gravies,sweets.. I love lotus seeds lot,also cooked few recipes too..Specially Phool makhana kheer tastes very delicious..Also,Phool makhana masala tastes great with hot rotis or chapathis any time. This time I cooked this new gravy which is very tasty..

August 12, 2015

Gummadi Kaya Bobbatlu | Yellow Pumpkin Poli | Quick and easy south indian sweets | Bakshyalu recipes

Though Iam from south india, telugu speaking girl love to try new recipes with my own creations more than sharing original recipes..Well,also another reason is we don`t get all knd of our food items like in india or usa.

August 8, 2015

Oven baked chicken tikka | Chicken Tikka made in oven and Chicken tikka masala gravy with step by step pictures | How to make chicken tikka masala gravy

Hi every one..welcome to Mahaslovelyhome after a long time..Though I love blogging,iam cooking not feeling well to spend time for photography.also, very hardly getting time to rest even..It`s tough to find out a good,sincere maid whom we can believe..So,still in search Iam :) Hope I found soon.
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