September 18, 2015

Friday with a friend Guest post by Ruxana | Carrot-Coconut Pola | carrot coconut steam cake | Easy Carrot cake without oven | Malabar recipes

This is another guest post in Mahaslovelyhome.. Iam so glad to post my co blogger friends recipes in guest post series every week here in my space where iam also exploring their ideas with a lovely chit chat.. I am pretty sure that you all also enjoying these super posts every time..

So,today we are going to meet Ruxana.we are friends in blogging from a long time where we used to write comments on posts always.Then after meeting fb,started chatting..So,there I have asked her to write a post for my blog.she is sweet and awesome person with a very good food taste..Good food is awfully important to a family. As a wife and mother, you want your family to look forward to meal times. Cooking for newly weds can be quite a challenge. But it doesn’t have to be. Today, I am thrilled to have as my guest today, my friend Ruxana who is an amazing cook and blogger at  From My Own KitchenShe is also a wife and a mother!She is introducing an innovative yet delicious recipe called "carrot coconut pola" which is famous in Malabar cuisine. If you check the complete post,you will be more happy to try it out..So,no more words.Just jump into it.. :)

Here is fun-chit chat

1.Few  words about you
- I am Ruxana who blogs at ''From My Own Kitchen''.A mother of 4 children,staying in Qatar and from Kerala,India.

2.Photography tips or kitchen tips?
Photography tips
-Still learning the tips, but using natural daylight gives you a clear pic (make sure that there is no shadow formed)
Kitchen tips
-Use airtight boxes to store things in the refrigerator,this way you can keep the refrigerator clean and things are found easily.Scraped coconut can be stored in such boxes in the freezer for a very long time.You can make pasted or crushed ginger and garlic prior in such small boxes which comes very useful at busy times.
-To clean your flask(the inside part) always use warm or hot water and to remove any stains or odor just squeeze in some lime juice along with hot water,keep the lid closed for some hours and then rinse it. 

3.How to improve fans and followers for blog and face book page?
-Hehe.. :) Usha I don't think you need to ask this,you are the one who started S4S for face book page which has helped many to increase their fb fans. :)
And for the blog, I think its the regular posting,the content,visiting your followers blog and commenting.

4.How food blog changed your life?How many recipes you post in a month and your memorable moment which is related to blog?
-I have got so many new friends through blog worldwide and also came to know about so many new recipes.
Actually at the beginning stage of my blog I used to post 15 to 17 recipes a month,but now I am not at all regular due to a shoulder pain but InShaAllah I should catch up soon.. And my memorable moments are when I get comments specially mentioning a recipe that someone tried and it turned out well for them and these comments are mainly from the non-bloggers part.  

5.Finally tell me few words about MLH?
-MLH is a space where you can find a wide variety of recipes and the blogger behind this blog, Usha,is a lovely lady,a good friend and above all a person with a helping and caring nature.
                                  Now let me begin my post :)
          First of all a big hello to all the readers of MLH.I was very excited when Usha asked me if I could do a guest post as a part of her 3rd blog anniversary.Also this is my first guest post.Actually I was in a fix as to what recipe to post because she has a variety of dishes in her space be it from starters to desserts both veg and non-veg.Then the idea of 'Pola'-a Malabar delicacy came into my mind.I have already posted a few on my blog.Pola is a Malabar delicacy.There are two versions of Pola - the sweet ones and the savoury ones.The sweet ones have a texture more like that of a cake or pudding like the Carrot pola,Thari pola or the Kaipola (made using ripe plantains) and the other type has a filling of meat(Chicken or Beef layered) like the Erachi pola.

 Today's recipe is a Carrot-Coconut Pola.
Carrot grated          1 1/2 cup
Coconut scraped     3/4 cup
Ghee                2-3 tsp
Eggs        4
Milk powder  3 tbsp
APF/Maida     1 heaped spoon
Sugar           4 tbsp+3 tbsp
Cardamom     2

-Heat a frying pan and add the grated coconut along with 4 tbsp of sugar.Saute for a minute and add the grated carrots.Saute for 3-4 minutes till the water dries up(the mix reduces in volume and becomes a little sticky).Switch off the flame and keep this aside.
-Now in a blender add the eggs,the remaining sugar,milk powder,flour and Cardamom.Blend till everything mixes well.
-Pour this egg mixture into the sauted carrot-coconut and mix well with a spoon. 
-Heat a non stick cake pan.Add ghee (make sure the sides and bottom of the pan is coated well).Now pour the batter into this and keep covered on low flame for 20 to 25 minutes,till cooked.
-Cut into pieces and serve.

hey guys...Is n`t that looks like an amazing easy recipe to try...When i checked the recipe,i thought it`s a cake,but after reading full list realized the specialty of the recipe and also its popularity..Well..I always admires to know about famous recipes which are from particular places..Because,I posts rarely that kind of recipes in MLH.So,thes ekind of branded recipes are always lovely to share..If you want to listen in common way,this is like an omelette but ingredients cmones under a cake recipe list..people who loves to try a home made cake or who dont have a oven can try this stove top method pola happily..

Honestly,I hope you people loved today`s post and please try it next time if you like the recipe..Check out Ruxana Space for more tasty,yummy recipes and drop your cute comments too..Keep in touch friends.. Thank you all..

Happy cooking..happy blogging.. :)

Your`s lovingly,
Usha rani.G :)

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