September 25, 2015

Friday with a friend guest post By Shabna Sherif | Watermelon Granita | watermelon lemon granita | Granita desserts | quick and easy cool summer desserts

Hey friends!!! how are you all?? Hope you all enjoying this weekend with family  and friends..Today is friday.So,time for a guest post.. This is the 31st guest post in Mahaslovelyhome which sounds like a super surprising for me really...can`t believe it stilll.But,very happy to know much more about my blogger friends with a lovely chit chat and lucky to see their recipes on my blog. :)

This time Iam introducing Shabna Sherif who is very  active blogger.She is a home maker,wife,mother of 3 kids and the most important wonderful cook..Believe me... I have never spoken with her till now,but iam one of the silent follower of her blog .Yes..I know shabbu space from a very long time,she shares all kind of recipes (including non-veg)with simple pictures which looks very homely..I really like her way of presenting a recipe which is short and sweet.You can check her blog for more recipes here Shabbu`s Tasy Kitchen

She also created a lovely recipe index where we can pick a recipe easily..It`s really surprising to guess,how she is managing a blog with three kids that too regularly.. hahhaha... My friends says that Iam very active and energetic,but after watching shabbu strength, I need some tips from her about managing all with proper timings..Handling a home in the respective wife and mother position is n`t an easy job..You are just awesome dear.

Here goes the chit chat with our lovely new guest

First of all, Thank You Usha for giving me a wonderful opportunity to do a guest post in your lovely space...

1 ) Few words about you/ something special which we don't know?

I am Shabna/ Shabbu who blogs at “Shabbu's Tasty Kitchen”. Mother of 3 young kids,currently living in Melbourne, originally from Kerala. Cooking is my passion. Whenever I get some free time after my daily chores, I watch various cookery shows with my youngest child (18 months old boy) on my lap, who already started enjoying the cookery show ..

2 ) 3 Food photography tips or 3 kitchen tips?

I always use simple photos for my recipes and usually clicks them during day time using natural light.

Kitchen Tips:

• To peel the skin of almonds / badam easily, soak in hot water for 10-­15 minutes.
• Add a pinch of salt while sauteing onions which will make it soften easily.
• When chopping raw banana, soak it in water to avoid dis colouration and apply little salt water on hands to avoid getting stains.

3 ) How to improve fans and followers for food blog and face book page?

By interacting with the readers and clearing their doubts. Trying variety of recipes attracts people with different interests to our page via google :)

4 ) How food blog has changed your life and how many recipes you share per month?

I started blogging to save all my tried recipes for future reference. Blogging made me to try various new recipes from all over the world. Through blogging, I was able to make many new friends... I try to post at least 3­-4 posts per week, depending on my convenience.

5 ) Finally, few words about MLH?

MLH is a lovely space with variety of recipes. I have bookmarked some of her recipes, especially baking recipes ...Keep up the good work and continue posting :) Wishing MLH more success in the blogging world.........

That`s a fantastic conversation with you dear.Your answers are straight and the tips are very sweet.Specially,Trying variety of recipes which attarcts viewers is a evry big true.(which i need to concentrate).

Thank you so much for the sweet words about MLH... :)

Now coming to the recipe, it is a refreshing slushy treat perfect for summer....Watermelon Granita


5 cups of watermelon, seeds removed and cubed

1⁄2 cup of sugar
3⁄4 cup of water
2­-3 tbsp lemon juice


1. In a saucepan, add sugar and water and stir over medium heat till sugar is completely

dissolved. Remove this prepared simple syrup from flame and keep it aside to cool.

2. Add the chopped watermelon into a blender and blend well adding simple syrup/ sugar

syrup and lemon juice until smooth.

3. Pour this mixture into a baking dish and freeze it for 2 hours.

4. Then remove it from freezer and scrape the mixture with a fork to form slushy/ ice crystals.

5. Return to freezer and freeze it again for 3­-4 hours till granita is fully frozen.

6. To Serve, scrape the granita with spoon/ fork and serve it in individual glasses/ bowls and 
garnish with mint leaves... Serve immediately.....

How is the recipe friends?? believe or not.I have a big watermelon in kitchen and this is the recipe which iam going to try this weekend..Though,I get melon here,never tried this granita till now.Even,it`s sounds weird for me too.I mean,how I forgotten this pretty recipe..The color of the glasses looks very tempting and appealing.Thank you for sharing this adorable recipe with us in my space..It`s very hot in foz.So,Iam eagerly waiting for the time to make it..Keep in touch with me/MLH always like this and of course!! Iam going to check your space regularly too..Happy weekend!!!

Hope every one enjoyed today`s beautiful guest post,catch you all on monday with new recipe.until then
Happy cooking..happy blogging...

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