October 9, 2015

Friday with a friend guest post by Deepa | Easy carrot halwa recipe | Simple carrot halwa | South Indian style carrot halwa | How to make carrot halwa

I am thrilled to tell,that it`s 33rd in Mahaslovelyhome.I know,it`s a surprising figure to see.Even,Iam feeling quite great and shocking...This credit goes to all my blogger friends and viewers who supported me and my blog til now.

I also love to do many more guest posts like this in MLH.. so, stop by anytime and see what’s going on. :)

Iam so excited to let Deepa, from Madraasi guest post today and sharing an AWESOME recipe! I’ve known Deepa for over a year now and her recipes have been traditional and they are so delicious. I am so honored to have her share on my blog.. with a busy schedule, active toddlers and wonderful hobbies! Please give claps to Deepa for doing this lovely post with us..Let’s welcome Deepa!!!

Thank you Mrs. Usha @ Mahaslovelyhome for giving me such a beautiful opportunity.

1.Few words about u/some thing special which we 

don`t know??

I am Deepa, a house wife of two naughty kid’s blogging in the name of MADRAASI, born and raised in Tuticorin, coastal area of south TamilNadu. I love doing something, never sit dumb at home, this resulted in the passion of cooking after marriage, not only cooking, I love gardening, but presently in my house no space for garden, I love paintings – glass paintings, pot paintings and fabric paintings and hope it’s now good time to have a start with those works, I love hand embroidery and design mine and my daughter’s outfit.

2. 3 Food photography tips or  3 useful kitchen tips??

Kitchen Tips:

When you prepare Briyani, add a tsp of lemon juice only at the final stage, when the rice gets boiling, lemon juice prevents the rice from sticking with each other.
When you prepare Dosa or idly, transfer the required of batter you need at that time to a bowl and proceed your work, else the whole batter will soon spoiled.
While boiling eggs add in ½ tsp of salt and ½ tsp of cooking soda, this prevents the egg from cracking while boiling.

3. How to imporove fans n followers for food blog n

 food bog face book page??

Blog in the way which everyone can understand means the words you use in your blog should be simple as I would reach everyone. Give the right tips and tricks, what you follow. Most important is respond for others comments and encourage other bloggers with your precious likes, lovely follow and wonderful comment. Keep on posting atleast once in two days.

4.How food blog changed ur life?How many recipes   

your posting in a month approximately and your 

memorable moments which related to blog??

There are many changes in me through my blog, firstly my time was made precious with a healthy Time pass, as house wife is such a big challenge for a talkative like me sitting dumb at home after marriage after blogging I am very busy, with wonderful and closest friends, happy to say I never remain Idle, as strongly believe that – “Idle mind is Devils workshop”.
Mostly I keep on trying posting every day, apart from that I am a moody and lazy person, so sometimes there will be lack of posts :P. Hopefully I post minimum 10 recipes a month and maximum depends on my laziness J. You could check out my Blog – Madraasi for more vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes, mostly based on TAMILIAN CUISINE.

5.Few words about MahasLovelyHome: 

Firstly I love the name of her blog, “MAHASLOVELYHOME”, everyone wants to be in a lovely place, no wonder as the name of blog her group. I could fetch on many Telugu cuisine recipes here, it’s something new to me as a Tamilian. I love her Non-Vegetarian recipes and hope maintaining a group is not such an easy task (interacting with many people, being active) but she does it very perfect. Lovely and proud to be with MAHASLOVELYHOME.

Touching answers dear Deepa..looks like you are talking directly with me.nice to know about your  hobbies, family, ideas, opinions and every thing..Like you said,blogging is a best friend for those who living in abroad..It keeping busy,helping to learn new recipes,introducing new cuisines and specially blessing very good recipes..Iam the one example for it along with you.. :)

Coming to the recipe, let me share a simple, easy and delicious sweet CARROT HALWA.

Carrot Halwa is one among the most familiar desserts. Carrot Halwa is my daughter’s most favorite, I prepare commonly at home, but wonder just got the time to share.Carrot Halwa is very easy, simple and consumes less time compared to other Halwas. Carrot Halwa can be served hot, room temperature, chilled or usually served along with a scoop of Ice-cream and vanilla flavor would be the best. Let us move on to the recipe…


  • ·    Carrots – ½ kg
  • ·    Milk – ½ litre
  • ·    ·    Sugar – 6 tbsp
  • ·    Cashew nuts – 10 nos
  • ·    Raisins – 10 nos
  • ·    Ghee / Clarified Butter – 5 tbsp

·    Peel and finely grate the carrots.
·    Pressure-cook the grated carrots along with a tbsp of ghee/clarified butter, 3 cups of milk and ½ cup of water.
·    Pressure-cook for 2 whistles (carrots should not be mashed, but should be in mashing consistency).
·    Remove the lid, when the pressure subsides.
·    Transfer the cooked carrots along with the milk to a non-stick kadhai, keep in medium flame and cook until the carrot getting dry.
·    Add in the sugar, give a stir and cook in medium flame by stirring every now, until it thickens.
·    Heat leftover ghee/clarified butter in a kadhai, add in the cashew nuts and raisins, and wait until they turn golden brown.
·    Pour it to the carrots, continue stirring, until it gets thickens and comes to the halwa consistency.
·    Remove from fire and transfer to a bowl.

Carrot halwa is one one of my favorite sweet..The only part which I don`t like is grating..Hehehee!!! It needs energy and patience..Believe or not.Yesterday morning I thought to make carrot halwa,but again dropped out because of grating and sauting part..This version sounds easy and less to cook..Will try it soon.. Definitely will share the recipe with you too.. Thank you so much dear :)

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