October 30, 2015

Friday with a friend Guest post by Gayathri Ramanan | Eggless Chocolate Mayo Mug cake In microwave | Eggless chocolate mug cake with peanut butter frosting | Eggless mug cake recipes

Blogging is an art where you need to put your complete concentration..It is one of the beautiful plat form to share your thoughts,ideas,experiences and many more..When you do it with love never may feels tired..Do it with affection,but never stress your self..All the best dear friends...

OK..let`s talk some thing about our new guest..She is  Gayathri,blogs at foodbuddy..Her recipes are quite impressive with catchy words and inviting pictures..Her recipes are very healthy and the color ful pictures are tempts us to try immediately..Over all,Food buddy is an amazing vegetarian blog with traditional recipes..Please,go and check her wonderful space..

Hi Maha,

            This is Gayathri, author of foody-buddy. Thank you for the opportunity to do a guest post in your blog.. Here is the answers and the recipe. 

Few words about u/some thing special which we don`t know??

This is Gayathri Ramanan, brain behind the blog FoodyBuddy. I am a home maker and I love to eat and cook foods. My husband and I are foodies, in our place (St.Louis, US) does not have lot of vegetarian restaurants, so our kitchen is a lab for us, we used to try lots of different vegetarian recipes around the world by seeing cookbooks, internet and from my mom who is a great cook and I post all tried and tasted recipes in my blog. I have been blogging for almost 3 years and I really enjoy blogging. Apart from blogging, I love to do crochet works, painting and video games.

 Food photography tips or  3 useful kitchen tips??

A picture is worth a thousand words so always take pictures in Natural sunlight and do not use flash.
Take picture near the window where you get lot of sunlight.
The plates and props holding the food should be clean and neat.

How to improve blog page views n fb page fans

Maha !! you know better than me. My answer is make use of social media as much as you can. Important thing is "CONTENT IS KING " If people started liking your recipe, all your page views and fb page views will increase automatically.

How food blog changed your Life n how many recipes you share per month

Blogging is really fun and it is a stress buster. If people says that your recipe turned out good. I feel really happy. I post 3 recipes in a week.

Few lines abt MLH (mahaslovelyhome) my blog 

MLH is like hub for wide variety of recipes and eggless baking. Usha is a lovely and friendly person and a dedicated blogger. Thank you usha for asking me to do a guest post in your space.

Cool totally..Thank you for lovely tips and nice words about MLH dear!!
Eggless Chocolate Mayo Mug cake with peanut butter frosting


1/4 Cup of Maida (All Purpose Flour)
1 Tbsp of Unsweetened Cocoa Powder
1 Tbsp of Eggless Mayonnaise
1 Tsp of Oil
3 Tbsp of Sugar
2 Tbsp of Water
1/2 Tsp of Baking Powder
Pinch of Salt


In a bowl, whisk together the mayonnaise, oil and sugar with a fork.
Stir in the water and vanilla.
Add cocoa powder, flour, salt and baking powder.
Beat the batter until smooth.
Microwave the cake for 2 mins until risen and firm. Stop after 1 min for a sec, give a pause, then again microwave it for 1 min.
Hot, yummy Eggless Chocolate mayo mug cake.
Top it with peanut butter and decorate it with choco chips.

Microwave cakes are always fun to make.Even I love to do them allot...But mayonnaise in mug cake recipe sounds quite new..Never even heard about it...Your pictures are making me hungry to try it soon..Totally,It`s a pretty recipe really..
Thank you for the kind words and lovely guest post dear :)

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