October 27, 2015

Papaya banana juice | Papaya banana flax seeds juice for break fast | Healthy fruit juices for weight loss | 10 Diet juices for weight loss

Long time back i have posted lots of diet juice recipes in MLH..don`t know what happend..suddenly I stopped making them..Even I don`t know the reason about it..Again now after so many days came with an interesting combination juice recipe..
It is a combination of papaya,banana with honey and lemon juice..Along with those also poured some flax seeds,so it is very healthy,guilt free juice to take in the break fast time..Because of using water can called it diet juice,but if you like can add milk and name it papaya banana milk shake.. Accepting this kind of juices is bit difficult butonce when you start you may like it slowly..

10 Healthy Break fast Juices

CATEGORY-Quick and easy break fast juices


Papaya pieces ripen -1 cup
banana-1 big
honey-1 tbsp
lemon juice- 1 tsp (optional)
flax seeds-1-2 tsp


In a blender take chopped banana,papaya pieces,honey,flax seeds,lemon juice,2 cups of water..blend until smooth..

Take it in glasses and serve immediately..

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