October 29, 2015

Phool Makhana Poha Kheer | Phool makhana atukula payasam | Quick and easy Payasam recipes | Easy Diwali sweets

Phool makhana is also called as lotus seeds or fox-nuts.. These are rich in protein and zero in calories.I have already posted delicious makhana kheer in MLH. It was very healthy and nutritious sweet dish. This time I combined poha along with makhana seeds to make a beautiful dessert. 
It is also can make with  low-fat milk to make a creamy but i used coconut milk for rich flavor and taste. Mostly people prefers sweets or kheer recipes on festival times Or on special days.But,we couple love to have a small bowl of sweet after a lunch.That`s why i create different fusions of payasams every time.I should tell thanks to my hubby dear because of giving the chance to try many more recipes every time. Coming to this recipe,It tastes super pleasant and mouth watering.Next time when you buy makhana seeds packet try this version and enjoy warm or cold..


ghee-2 tbsp
cashew,almonds,raisins (kismis),chironji- any of your choice..I skipped 
Only used few chironji 
Phool Makhana -2 handfuls
flattened rice/thin Poha/rice flakes/ atukulu -1/2 cup
cow milk+coconut milk- 1 cup +1 cup
powdered jaggery -3/4 cup
cardamom powder-1 tsp

How to cook

Heat a non stick pan with ghee,roast dry fruits like cashew,almonds,raisins,chironji,kismis and keep aside..

In the same pan roast Phool Makhana for a minute and remove.now in the same pan add milk+coconut milk..Let it boil,stir in between to avoid burning in the bottom..

Add in coarsely powdered jaggery and stir to combine well until it dissolves..Mean while wash poha and add in milk,along with Phool Makhana.

Mix it nicely,cook for 5 minutes,throw some cardamom powder for flavor,also roasted nuts and cook for 5 more minutes in low flame.poha and  Phool makhana are soft in texture,so does n`t need much time..

Turn off heat and serve warm or cold..:)

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