November 19, 2015

Essential kitchen tips and tricks | Cooking tips & Techniques


1.Peel onions in bulk leaving the root and top intact  and 

then store in an open container in the vegetable bin in the 

fridge. Keeps for quite some time and you don’t get the smell of onion in the fridge.

2.plan meals for the week so in that way when you do your weekly shopping you know what you need to buy and stick to a budget.

3.When rolling pastry dough’s its easier to roll them between two sheets of cling film or baking paper , remove one on top and just invert it onto the prepared try so the sheet underneath lands on top. So this way there is no fiddling with the pastry and breaking it up.

4.When you prepare Briyani, add a tsp of lemon juice only at the final stage, when the rice gets boiling, lemon juice prevents the rice from sticking with each other.

5.When you prepare Dosa or idly, transfer the required of batter you need at that time to a bowl and proceed your work, else the whole batter will soon spoiled.

6.While boiling eggs add in ½ tsp of salt and ½ tsp of cooking soda, this prevents the egg from cracking while boiling.

7.To peel the skin of almonds / badam easily, soak in hot water for 10-­15 minutes.

8. Add a pinch of salt while sauteing onions which will make it soften easily.

9.When chopping raw banana, soak it in water to avoid dis colouration and apply little salt water on hands to avoid getting stains

10.Disinfect the sink and its traps once in a week and clean

 the veggies / fruits in a running water after socking about 10-

15 min in a salt and turmeric water (to remove the chemicals 

and toxics)

11. Get rid of odours in your refrigerator by putting soda bicarbonate in a bowl & placing it in the fridge. Vinegar also works and so does a sliced lemon.

12. when u have headache then Mix lemon juice+ginger juice+salt with lukewarm water &drink it. It cures immediately.

13. Added excess salt to the curry ? don't panic. Just knead a little besan and make small rolls and add to the gravy. Remove them before serving. These discarded rolls can be re-used to make gatte ki sabji.

14.How do u find the pure honey ?? In a Newspaper u drop a little honey,it will not dissolve it.if it dissolves then its not pure honey

15.mix rice flour & milk,makes a paste.apply it in ur face.after 10 mins wash it in cold water.the face will be shiny.

16.Always assemble items before cooking.

17.Eat brown basmathi rice for day to day they are extremely rich in nutrients. Soak it before cooking to get soft rice.

18.Soaking dal before cooking enhances flavor.

19.To reduce the bitterness of methi leaves, first mix them with some salt and set aside for a few minutes. Then rinse under running water. This helps to draw out all the bitter juices, improving the taste of these healthful greens Store spices in a cool, dark place.

20. Humidity, light and heat will cause herbs and spices to lose their flavor more quickly.Shallots burn easily because of their high sugar content. For this reason, sauté briefly over low to medium heat.

21.When making beetroot curry , grating it saves more time than chopping it finely and to cook it ..or you can cut it into chunks and pressure cook it and then it will be easy to chop it finely .

22. Apply oil on both the hands before peeling and chopping yam, it will reduce itchiness.

23.Use kitchen tissue paper to wipe dosa pan, while preparing dosa instead of using small piece of cloth.

24.Use baking brush to smear oil while preparing Roti or paratha.

25. If your pressure cooker gives any trouble like water/pressure leakage after closing it place ur gasket in freezer for the whole day and use, u can find the difference.

26. Whenever we buy some steel plates or any steel cookwares, you find a brand label, when we try to remove it surely it will have gum stain or we could n’t peel the label properly. To overcome that problem, show it in the flame (Bottom of the label) for a while, it will automatically get peeled off ! Interesting is it !! This applies only for STEEL OR BRASS product…

27. During your hurry-burry cooking time, peeling of garlic and onion skin will always an irritating process. For that, soak onion and garlic in a bowl of cold water for 5 mins, then try to peel.. The skin will come just like that.

Use lime juice instead of tamarind while cooking.Add 

jeera while tempering which is good for your tummy. 

Pressure cook eggs for a whistle instead of boiling it .Saves 

energy and time..

 29. You can store fresh peas and use in off season. Just Peel them and store in an airtight container in freezer over 6 


30. When you break the coconut and may not use the 

whole at once. Remove all pieces from shell and put it in a 

bowl of water and rock salt. Place it in fridge and can be 

used for about a week. It will remain fresh and white.

31.        If there is an excess of salt in gravies add bread pieces into it. It will thicken the gravy and reduce saltiness.   

32.When you par-boil rice for making Biryani, in the water 

add enough salt, lemon juice,1/4 tsp Shahi jeera, few 

peppercorns, clove, cardamom and cinnamon( 1 each). This 

flavours the water well and the in the rice along with salt 

enough lemon will be absorbed and makes the biryani 

delicious .

33. When making poori,  after making balls apply little oil 

and toss them well. You can roll them out without dusting 

flour and it also keeps the oil clean while frying.

34. If you have less time for making Parotta , Add little 

baking powder to the flour, and knead the dough well for 15 

minutes with Hot water. Within an hour you can make soft 


35.Grate the coconuts and store them in freezer, when you 

want to prepare coconut milk with the frozen coconuts, soak 

them in warm for 5 mins and grind in a mixer squeeze out 

the coconut milk..

36. I usually Peel Pearl onion, garlic and store it in a airtight 

container and refrigerate them, in the same way i remove 

the head cap of the green chili and store them in a air tight 

containers this make the green chili to be fresh for more 

than 10 days..

37. For cleaning kitchen i use warm water, so that the strains 

and oily dirt comes out easily, for whipping the kitchen 

counter i use some soft cotton cloths which are old and 

unused, so that washing the cloths are easy..

38. Follow your intuition and try new ingredients in recipes you feel comfortable cooking and most of the time it would be a great success. 

39. Look for fresh and healthy ingredients when you go to the supermarkets or fruit and vegetable markets. 3. Cook fresh everyday – It takes a bit of effort and planning to practice this but it creates a big positive impact in one’s life.

40. Arrange the food on a table and add some contrast backgrounds.

41. Have loads of patience while taking pictures and sometimes photography takes longer than your cooking time.

42. Using appealing serving dishes makes a difference to the picture.

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