November 27, 2015

Friday Guest post by Ushaupachar | Quick and easy home made chocolate fudge recipe | Rich chocolate fudge with step wise pictures | Kids favorite chocolate recipes

 I’m delighted to introduce you to the lovely Usha who runs the blog UshaUpchar Her beautiful recipes coupled with insight and wisdom makes for an excellent read.Actually Iam really happy to have the opportunity to introduce upcoming bloggers on this beautiful guest post series. 

I’ve connected with Usha (ji) over FB..  I was attracted with her name first.Same my name. Hahahaha..Later after pinging her in fb came to know much more,specially about her lovely blog baby..I love her simple recipes  which are very clearly explained with step wise pics..She was happy when I asked about doing a guest post on MLH.. After explaining the method,in next 2 days sent this recipe..I am delighted to share her recipe and lovely chit chat with all of you!  I would like to invite many more new bloggers here to take the choice in this series. Hop over to have a look at all the other amazing healthy creations she shares over there.
To allow you to get to know Usha a little better, I will allow her to take the lead..:)

About you in 3 lines which we don`t know?

Through my blog I have attempted to showcase a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes.  All the recipes are tried and tested in my kitchen. To make cooking easy to understand, I have added many images to the portal at different stages when recipes are cooked. My recipes are very simple and easy to cook. I am sure you will try out and like them.

2. 3 Photography tips?

 Better to click under natural light,While it often helps to have decent equipment, Simply enjoy the process of making pictures all you really need is to take a moment before each shot to think clearly about what you are attempting to capture or create.
3. Any tips to improve Facebook fans on your page?

 A like button next to your blog posts is great for getting your content shared, but the Page Plugin will help you boost your page likes. I got 600 likes for my page, which is organic likes :)
4. About Mahaslovelyhome few words?

This is my first post to mahaslovelyhome , I Sincerely 
Thank Usha for this opportunity .

Now,to the recipe:
Homemade chocolate is an easy to make recipe and is a great kids snack. This delicious chocolate recipe is perfect for the holidays, birthday or for any special occasions. Chocolates are loved by all age groups and they can be made at home easily in a short time, very easy to prepare this recipe, do try and enjoy this homemade chocolates, which really melts in mouth. I prepared this recipe to celebrate my 1st anniversary of my blog  :)

Preparation time – 5 min
Cooking time – 10 min
Makes – 20 to 25 pieces

Milk powder – 1 cup
Coco powder – 1/2 cup
Sugar – 1 cup
Butter – 75 gm
Water – 2 tbs


To make or to prepare homemade chocolate 

Sieve  milk powder and cocoa powder over a dry bowl or vessel and keep it aside. .
Combine together properly take a flat tray or plate and smear Butter on it and keep it aside. Heat a pan by adding 2 tbs of water in it,
when it is hot add sugar in to it, stir .Heat on a medium flame till the bubbles appear. Then lower the flame and cook till the syrup reaches a one-thread consistency.
Once the syrup reaches one thread consistency, add butter and coco powder, milk powder mixture together, mix well.
Once all ingredients are mixed well in a low flame for 1 or 2 min, the mixture will look like a smooth chocolate batter. Remove from the flame, immediately pour the mixture to a greased tray or plate.
Allow the chocolate to cool and bring it to room temperature.
Once the chocolate reaches to room temperature, take a knife and cut the chocolate to desired shape.
Store the chocolates in an airtight container in refrigerator and enjoy your home made chocolates.

NOTE You can add essence, chocolate essence or nuts of your choice to enhance the taste. To check one-thread consistency of sugar syrup, touch the syrup between your forefinger and thumb and a thin string should be formed which should not break. This is the right consistency. If the string breaks, just simmer the syrup for a little while longer. Once you add butter, milk powder, cocoa powder mixture to sugar syrup, do not cook for more than a minute or two. Once it becomes a smooth batter, switch off the flame. You can add it to silicon mould to get desired shape, if you want to prepare more, double the quantity of ingredients as shown above. Happy cooking :)

Such a pretty post it is..I really fell in love with the shape of the fudges...How cute and perfect they are...Thank you for clean and clear notes along with step wise pics it looks quite easy..Kids love it any time..Dear friends,I hope all liked the today`s beautiful post..So,try this immediately and share your opinions....
keep in touch and have a nice weekend.. :)

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