November 6, 2015

Friday with a friend Guest post by Divya | Vegetable puff pastry using home made pastry sheets | Home made veg puff pastry | How to make home made puff pastry

Iam really excited to share today`s guest post.yesterday,I mean november 5th mahaslovelyhome completed 4 years.on this same day i started this guest post series and till now introduced 36 bloggers.

Each and every guest blogger is very unique,special in some qualities,famous in sharing different category recipes..I was really surprised yesterday after checking out so many guest posts,wonderful comments,nice words,true affection and care..Ah...This is really god bless for me..Though I have special post to share yesterday on behalf of MLH blog anniversary specially to share Divya guest post I postponed it for monday.. One thing that I really love about this blog community is all the awesome people I have been able meet and connect with that I probably would not have known otherwise.I have always been a major foodie and cooking has always been basically therapy for me.MLH is like my best friend for me now where I spends time when lonely feeling comes. It really has been such an amazing blessing to my life and huge part of my healing process..

A huge thanks to Divya for this amazingly delicious recipe and guest post! I found Divya`s beautiful blog long time back,Immediately started loving her photographs and simple,delicious recipes!! Right now,Iam totally salivating over pictures of her chicken 65. As well as many other recipes on her blog..Do,yourself a favor and check out her blog Happyscook and follow her on facebook

Thanks Usha for this lovely Opportunity and this is my first ever guest post. I am really excited about doing this post in Mahaslovely home. 

1. Abt u in few words.

I am Divya Jany, a Software Engineer by profession and I work for TCS. I live in Chennai with my husband and 3.5 year old daughter Happy. I named by website after my daughter.  Happyscook is my passion and 

it show cases my love towards cooking. My mom is my inspiration towards cooking and she motivated me to explore more.  After seeing my interest in cooking and baking, my husband decided that I need an outlet for my interest and so this website began. Being a working mother, it is really tough to manage 
both blog and work. But managing it because of my interest and I would like to interact with other bloggers if I get time.

2. 3 photography tips or kitchen tips

I am an amateur photographer, I would like to learn and improve my shots more in the future. Still I will share the tips that I have learned so far :)

1) Move around to find the best light source and take photo under natural light. Avoid using you’re built in flash.

2) Decide a perfect background and use simple props including raw ingredients.

3) Try to move around the plate and take photos at various angles (from above, or from the side, or at a 45-degree angle) so you can pick your favorite later.

3. Hw to improv blog page views n fb page fans

Currently I am not doing anything to promote my blog views and fb page fans. The first and foremost thing is to visit and comment other blogs. (I will be concentrating soon :) Try to post it in relevant FB groups or any other communities. Be active on FB page by responding to followers.

4. Hw food blog chnaged ur Life n hw many recipe u share per month

Food blogging has completely enhanced my cooking skills. It gives me opportunity to try wide variety of recipes. It makes me completely busy especially on weekends. I usually share 8 to 10 recipes a month. But I will be targeting a post daily, somehow it will be missed. Waiting to see a month, where I post entirely :)

5. Few lines abt MLH (mahaslovelyhome) my blog 

Mahaslovelyhome is a best place to hang around if you want to treat your taste buds. I started noticing Usha's blog when I saw her Indian Cilantro Chicken Recipe. On that day I just checked all her non veg dishes from archive and I was amazed to see her collection. I am a regular follower of her non veg recipes. She is having a remarkable 970+ recipe and she is about to reach her 1000th post soon. I am really happy about Usha's achievement and wish her all success. She is a lovely person to connect with. She clearly explains if we have any queries. I am excited to share my first guest post in her blog.


Puff Pastry Sheet - 4 (Check this link for Homemade Puff Pastry)

Egg - 1(for egg wash)

For the vegetable filling: 

Oil - 1 tsp 

Onion - 1(Chopped finely) 

Ginger Garlic Paste - 1 tsp 

Fresh Grean peas - 1/4 Cup 

Carrot - 1(small)

Beans - 4

Potato - 1(small) 

Turmeric powder - 1/4 tsp 

Chilli Powder -1/2 tsp 

Garam Masala - 1/2 tsp 

Salt - as required  


1. Chop onions, carrot, beans and potato finely so that it gets cooked easily 
while sauteing. In a pan, add some oil and saute the onions until it turns transparent. Add the ginger garlic paste and give it a quick stir. Then add all the chopped vegetables. 2. Cook the vegetable by adding little water. Once the vegetables are almost done, add the chilli, turmeric and garam masala powders. Add required salt 
for the filling at this stage. Mix everything and cook until the raw smell of the masala leaves.3. Make sure the water content from the filling is completely drained. Allow 
it to cool for few minutes.  Meanwhile, remove the puff pastry sheet from the 
refrigerator and keep it outside for 10 mins. Then once it is ready, spoon equal amount of filling on the center of each pastry sheet.4. Just fold the sheet to form a triangle as shown below. Brush the top with beaten eggs to get the glazy top. Arrange it in a baking tray lined with parchment paper. Preheat the oven for 10 minutes @ 210 degrees and bake it at the same temperature for 25 to 30 mins.The yummy flaky vegetable puffs are ready to be served. Serve it withTomato Ketchup and coffee/tea.

Points to remember:

 I have used fresh peas, so I cooked it directly. But if using dried peas, 

soak it overnight and pressure cook for 4 whistles before adding to the 


 If you prefer you can add pepper powder as well.

 If you are giving it for your kids, add a teaspoon of tomato ketchup to 

the filling. So that it compensates the spiciness from the masala 


 Egg washing the top gives glazy look, so better don't skip it.

 I tasted puff pastries first time in my school canteen when I was in 7th class..I was  a big fan of veg+egg pufss until +2 almost.This recipe is in my to do list.Even, I gave a trial with store bought pastry sheets too.but,my bad luck result was disappointed me and after that never even thought about it till now..When divya told about this recipe Immediately I said yes and I was quite curious to see step wise pictures..After checking out the mail (recipe) I was speech less for a second..A true foodie,a honest chef knows the hard work of the perfectly resulted recipe..Her neat pictures,clear notes and cool presentation tempted me allot to try it once again. Alright,I hope you people also loved this guest post along with me..Don`t forget checking out her space and happy weekend every one.

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