November 30, 2015

Gummadi Halwa | Pumpkin Halwa | Halwa recipes | South indian sweets | How to make halwa with step by step pictures

Cooking is an interesting job where you can create different kind of recipes,where you can experiment allot,where you can try any thing  or as per your taste regarding to food...Iam still a learner in this ocean where iam getting  the chance to cook new dishes every time by the grace of god..
Coming to the today`s recipe it is a simple halwa yet delicious too.Almost after finishing up 7 years of living in brasil now I have started buying pumpkin..Till now posted few recipes like pumpkin pulusu,pumpkin curd raita, curry and kheer ...This time again came with an easy sweet recipe .Here is the tasty halwa recipe which need very few ingredients...Except the pumpkin grating part,remaining recipe is quite easy to cook..Try this next time and enjoy hot or cold..

Gummadikaya Recipes | Indian style pumpkin recipes


1.Budidha Gummadikaya or yellow pumpkin -grated  2 cups
2. White Sugar-1 cup
3.Milk- 2 tsp /optional
4.Cashew nuts- few
6.Kismis/raisins -few 
7.Cardamom powder -1 tsp
8.Ghee-2 tbsp


1.Take a pan pour some ghee and melt it.fry cashews,kismis and badam and keep aside..
2.Now add gummadikaya grated ,fry for few minutes on medium flame.
3.Now add sugar as per taste and cook till it attains thick in consistency.
4.If you like can add milk at this time ,keep stirring the mixture in regular intervals.
5.Sprinkle some cardamom powder and give it a good stir,cook on medium flame.
6.Finally transfer into a bowl,garnish with fried cashews,kismis and badam.Serve hot.

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