August 12, 2016

Gummadi Kobbari Halwa | Pumpkin Coconut Halwa | Halwa Recipes | Kaddu ka Halwa | Quick and Easy Indian Sweets

gummadi kobbari halwa

Happy Varalakshmi Pooja to all who celebrating!!!

Today Iam sharing a simple and tasty sweet dish.. It is a halwa recipe with a combination of pumpkin and coconut..  Pumpkin halwa is a very popular Indian sweet dish usually made for special occasions,In India there are number of variations of halwa, made from a diverse range of ingredients.
Especially carrots halwa is most popular in many places..Coming to this version,here I used fresh pumpkin. Fresh ghee gives nice aroma to the sweet and adjust the sugar as per your taste and I used unsweetened coconut  powder which gives a nice crunchiness to the halwa.
If you want can use sweetened coconut but reduce the sugar quantity. Now,let`s check the recipe..
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Yellow pumpkin grated -2 cups

unsweetened coconut powder-1/2 cup (I used store bought)

white sugar-1/2 cup

cardamom powder -1 tea spoon

cashews and raisins -few or optional


Heat ghee in tawa or vessel.. Sauce grated pumpkin for 4-5 

minutes in low flame. Add in coconut powder and mix well.

Now add sugar,stir and cook in medium flame until it 

becomes thick.. Add in cardamom powder and turn 

off..Serve hot or cold.

Pumpkin- Abobora in Portuguese

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