June 25, 2015

Stepping into 8th wedding anniversary | Easy,tasty Chocolate Cake with cake Mix | Peanut Butter Flavored Choco Cake With Store Bought Mix | Perfect Cake With chocolate mix

I thought to post this recipe on my wedding anniversary actually..But,my laziness postponed every time..Actually,i thought to give some tips about using store bought cake mix packet...in that situation was not in mood to write with patience,also need the cake mix packet which i use actually but unexpectedly it was published today..

June 13, 2015

Quinoa Vermicelli Kheer | Quinoa Semiya payasam | Quinoa Recipes | Kheer With Condensd milk | Quick and easy quinoa dessert recipes | 15 Kheer recipes

Iam cooking quinoa in different ways,this time created a sweet with vermicelli combination..It is like kheer/payasam replaced sugar with condensed milk.Yes...in this payasam recipe did n`t used jaggery or white sugar,but stillit tasted good because of condensed milk..You can call this like pudding if you want instead of kheer name.

June 10, 2015

Gobi Dum Pulao | Dum Gobi Pulao | Cauli flower Pulao | Quick and easy Vegetarian Pulao recipes for lunch

This is gobi pulao (cauli flower pilaf) recipe which i cooked few days back for lunch...The special of this dish is,I took gobi as a main vegetable..Means a rice dish with cauli flower..Yes..After knowing the value of of vegetables I have started cooking almost all the vegetables which are available in my place. cauli flower is one of the common veggie which I can see the whole in super markets..

June 8, 2015

Baby Corn Pulao | Easy Baby Corn Pulao Recipe | Quick and Easy Baby Corn Recipes | 15 South Indian Vegetable Pulao Recipes

Pulao or biriyani is a very good option to make for lunch.Often,I cook one pot meals for lunch,even my little boys also started liking it when I serve with some ghee.This time used baby corn as a main ingredient.Along with it also used  carrots,potatoes to make it delicious.

June 6, 2015

Bhoona Chicken Fry | Chicken bhuna fry | Quick and easy South indian style chicken stri fry

Bhooning is a very traditional way of stir frying which simple involves semi circular movements,scraping the bottom of the pan each time in the centre.It ensures that the meat becomes well coated and combined with the spice mixture before the cooking liquid is added.

June 5, 2015

Pumpkin Raita | Gummadi Kaya Perugu Pachadi | Pumpkin In Spiced Yogurt | Quick And Easy Curd Raita Recipes For Rice,Rotis and Chapathi

Perugu pachadi or curd raita is my favorite to have with rice always.So,this is an another recipe with pumpkin which i have created..It is a simple curd raita with fried grated pumpkin..See..few MLH recipes may looks simple,but tastes really if you try.Basically every woman wants to cook with less ingredients in short time instead of spending hours all the days in kitchen.

Friday with a friend Guest post By Malar | Little Millet Upma | Samai Upma | Millet Recipes

Welcome to the first weekend in june.Today Iam going to introduce one of the active food blogger who shares wonderful recipes with us.She is Malar blogs at Malar`s Kitchen  we met recently in blog world and Iam the regular visitor of her blog too.take it a step

June 4, 2015

Healthy Banana Bread | Wheat flour banana tutti frutti bread loaf | Moist banana bread without butter | Simple Banana bread recipe with step by step pictures | TOP 10 Banana cakes Recipes

Finally hubby dear accepted to take home made bread loafs for break fast instead of store bought wheat flour packets..Banana is his favorite fruit.so,specially for him I decided to use banana as main ingredient,for healthy version wheat flour,olive oil and sum times eggs and any nuts..This the basic method which i kept in my mind and started baking every time with different combinations..

June 3, 2015

Easy Healthy Basic Peanut Butter Milkshake | Peanut Butter Banana Milkshake | Home made Peanut Butter Easy Recipes

How to make peanut butter banana shake

It is an simple basic peanut butter milk shake recipe which actually I should post first before than other combination of PB milk shakes recipes..Here Iam sharing 2 recipes in one post,with this going to complete peanut butter drinks recipes..



From last few months i started using SOYA..It`s my own idea of roti making with soya..and i have some frozen peas in my fridge..so,included those mashed peas in the flour......Who avoids to eat SOYA for those you can serve these rotis..Here is the easy n simple recipe list....


wheat flour-1cup
all purpose flour-1/2cup
salt-to taste
boiled soya chunks-1cup
boiled peas-1/2cup
fennel seeds/sompu-1tsp
chilli powder/green chilli paste-1tsp
garam malsa-1/2tsp



Take the boiled SOYA and PEAs in a mixy jar...Grind into a coarse paste.....

Mix all the other ingredients along with Soya-peas mix...

make like a soft dough and keep aside for 15-20mints.

Roll into roti...heat tawa and cook on both sides well..apply some oil while cooking....

Ready to fry on pan

June 2, 2015


Hi.......guys...how are you all?? Iam stilll quite busy with my kids........My little one is naughty and each and every minute he just wants to sit on my lap....And he sleeps very less too.....So, i have no time to meet you all.......From my heart iam saying missing you all allot.......Still i have some more recipes in my draft list.....Nowadays very difficultly iam getting some time to write this draft posts....Hope within one month my little one will walk..Hope i may get some time to catch you all..
Coming to the recipe it`s very a super easy and tasty dessert...I think you can serve this without any doubts to your kids.....It tastes awesome when you serve chilled....So,just once try this......I hope you guys will like this...

mango pulp-1/2cup
fresh thick curd-1/2litre
sugar-1/4cup(adjust acd 2 ur taste)
cardamom powder-1/2tsp
saffron stands-few(opt)

In thick curd just add sugar mix it and keep aside for 10minutes.....

add saffron stand in milk and keep aside....

now beat the curd well and mix the remaining all ingredients and ekep it in the fridge for atleast 1hour.....

serve chilled........


I think most of you added or adding almonds in different fruit shakes or smoothies....right??have you any one tried cashews with straw berries??I tried this combination for the first time..and it was a hit...YES.....I have lots of juices,shakes and smoothie recipes in my blog..even though i like to create new combos.....so,here goes the recipe details.........

straw berries chopped - 10+2tbsps
milk-1 glass
sugar-2-3 tbsp
raisins chopped -10


soak cashews in 1/2 glass of milk for 15 mints.... and blend into a fine paste.........

now in a blender take the chopped straw berries,sugar,cashew paste and remaining milk....blend til soft.....

to the blended juice add chopped raisins and straw berries and serve chilled....


quick and easy chicken curries


 quick and easy dinner ideas

First time iam using cherry tomatoes in a salad........And this salad is very tasty and healthy too.
Iam in plan to start DIET..So,iam trying different salads...


cherry tomatoes-10(cut into 2)
sweet corn-1cup
grated carrot-3/4cup
grated cucumber-3/4cup
salt-to taste


Combine in a bowl grated carrot,cucumber,corns,tomatoes.........

add in salt,vinegar and mix well.set this aside for 15 minutes and serve........

Biyyapindi Chekkalu | Savoury Rice crackers | Biyyam Pindi Palli Pappu Chekkalu | Deep fried rice flour peanut crackers

rice flour crackers
Rice crackers or pappu billalu are my favorite child hood snack which amma used to make during festival times..Vinayaka chavithi /Ganesh chaturthi is a big festival in Dad`s home which we people celebrate by kepting lord ganesh idol at home for 5 or 10 days..So,generally on this festival or some times on dasara or diwali she used to make these deep fried thattai in huge quantity along with muruku..Still,I remember the scene which she do always in kitchen..

June 1, 2015

Persimmon banana milk shake | Persimmon Easy Recipes | Quick and easy milk shakes recipes

Another milk shake of persimmon with banana and ice cream..A perfect drink for break fast time.


Who avoid to eat the cakes??soalespecially kids right??and I too...kenyit.especially cakes..love..

From last 2days i was little busy with my kids..and i tried this today morning and came out so fluffy and soft..i loved it..there are so many different methods are there in making straw berry cake..some people like to add the puree and some like to add the fruits on the top before the cake was going into the oven for bake..I added in this puree and as well as some chunks of strawberry too..Its depends on your taste.rindu
Anyway here is my recipe list..just check it and let me know friends how it is??...senyumkenyit

all purpose flour-2cups
baking powder-1tsp
strawberry puree-1cup
straw berry chunks-1cup(optional)
baking soda-1/2tsp
salt-a pinch
vanilla extract-1tsp
few strawberries-to garnish
whipped cream-to decorate on top

sift the flour and add baking powder,salt and soda......
beat the eggs and butter add sugar and vanilla in it and mix well....
combine the flour and butter mixture well...
add to this straw berry puree and chunks too.
grease the tin and pour the batter and bake it for 30-45mins...or til the cake turns to golden brown on top..
insert a tooth pick to check the cake was done or not..
after the cake was baked cool it on a wire rack..

decorate the cake with some whipped cream....
arrange the chopped straw berries pieces on top as per your wish....

this goes to ABC Series: DESSERTS and Valentine Day Special

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