December 31, 2016

Coconut Milk Chicken Biryani | Coconut Milk Murgh Biriyani | Simple Chicken Biriyani Using Coconut Milk | 15 Chicken Biryani Recipes

If you ask about my favorite foods biryani stands in first place any time..More than the eating I love to cook which looks like a task every time..By following few important steps any one can cook a wonderful biryani..I have tendency called experi- menting which happens in kitchen so mostly in south indian dishes,desserts and in baking I goes with my own ideas and variations.

December 30, 2016

Cashew Chana Masala | Almond Chana Masala | Kaju Badam Chana Masala | Chana Korma | Sidedish Gravies For Chapathi | Black chickpeas Recipes

When chapathis are common in your home you need different curries and gravies recipes for a combination.. Roti is our common dinner so,i prefers to cook new dishes to serve every time..Chick peas are basically rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins of the B complex..The dish called Chana Masala or Chole Masala is an Indian popular dish,specially in northern side..

December 29, 2016

Dal Makhani Recipe | Punjabi Popular Dal Makhani | Restaurant Style Dal Makhani | How to make dal makhani

Dal Makhani is an indian famous dish from Punjab.It is an amazing dish from punjabi cuisine which you can see on road side dhabhas any time. It  is prepared with lentils and beans combined with fresh cream (malai), spiced and cooked to get a creamy texture that enhances the flavor of the dish..

December 28, 2016

Perugu Idli | Dahi idli | Curd idli Recipe | Thayir Idli Recipe | Leftover Idli Recipes | Easy Breakfast Ideas

Idli is one of the popular south indian breakfast which most of the housewives prefers to make.. Idli is very healthy yet filling food which is cooked in steam method.These days I too started making idli in the mornings. When some idlis are left I tried few recipes like idli upma,pepper idli,idli manchurian and this dahi idli..

Cilantro Rasam | Kottimeera Charu | Coriander Rasam | Kothamalli Rasam | Rasam Recipes For Rice | Rasam Recipes

Rasam is an Indian spicy soup which is served with rice. There are few varieties like tomato rasam, pepper rasam, mysore rasam which are quite popular in India..Actually Rasam my hubby`s favorite so only for him tries different recipes.In a cooker channel I got this recipes so thought to give a try..

December 26, 2016

Hotel Style Sambar | Tiffin Sambar | Hotel Style Tiffin Sambhar | South Indian Lentil Sambar | Spicy Lentil Stew With Vegetables

After 10 days break here Iam with the new post.. 2 weeks back,school declared holidays to Mahas Boys so,hooked with them these days and totally fixed in kitchen most of the day routine..Also,I have tried some recipes in this vacation so all the recipes going to post in january maximum..Coming to this post, it is a sambar recipe which is prepared in hotel style..

December 24, 2016

Mutton Vindaloo | Lamb Vindaloo | Goan Vindaloo Curry | Goan Cuisine | Goan Mutton Recipes

Lamb Vindaloo is a traditional spicy hot dish of goan cuisine.It is made with coconut, vinegar and lots of hot red chilli peppers. Name of the dish may sounds diffi-cult but it`s a simple recipe. Soak the spices in vinegar and grinding it into a paste. I simply love the enhanced taste from the soaking and marination. I have used the regular red chili which don’t give a very bright color but tastes very,very hot. But you can always make it milder to your taste and use Kashmiri mirch. This will help make the curry red and pretty but still not very hot. Or you can use less of the red chili mentioned.
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CATEGORY- Mutton Curry | Goat Meat Recipes | Lamb Masala Gravy | Mutton Curry | Meat Recipes
• vinegar-1/2 Cup
• sugar-1/2 Teaspoons
• mustard seeds-1/2 Teaspoons
• cumin seeds-1/2 Teaspoons
• cinnamon-1 Piece
• cloves-3 Numbers
• ginger garlic paste-1 table spoon
   Cardamom pods-2
• pepper corns-1/2 Teaspoons
• Red chilli-dry 5
• salt-as needed
• Lamb meat/mutton/goat meat-500 Grams
• oil-2 Tablespoons
• coconut milk-1 Cup
• onion chopped-1 Cup
• water as needed
  Red chili powder-2 tsp
  Turmeric powder-1/2 tsp
  1. Wash lamb meat apply salt and keep it a side for 1 hr.Soak pepper corns,garlic ginger paste,cloves, cinnamon,cumin seeds,mustard seeds,cardamom pods, sugar in vinegar,also add coconut milk and rest for 30 minutes. 
  2. Then blend till fine paste.Add red chilli powder,salt for taste,turmeric powder and mutton to this, rest it 1-4 hours.Now take a pressure cooker add oil,lamb masala cook for 5 minute then add chopped onions.
  3. Cover the pan with a lid by adding some water (2 cups) and cook in a medium flame till the lamb is tender or oil oozes out. (around 30-40 minutes/5 whistles).Add some cilantro leaves if you like and serve hot with roti..

Kachi Style Mutton Dum Biriyani | Kachi Gosht Biriyani | Indian Popular Biriyani Recipes | Hyderabadi Cuisine

Biryani is the which makes most of the people hungry.I have posted lots of chicken biryani recipes but not mutton versions.So,here Iam sharing kachi style mutton biryani which is hyderabadi popular..KACHI Biryani means where meat is marinated and adjusted in vessel.

December 22, 2016

Kadala Curry | Kerala Style Chana Masala | Black Chana Masala Curry | Black Chickpeas Curry | South Indian Style Chana Gravy Recipes | Black Chana Korma

Chana masala or chole masala is one of the popular vegetable dish in Indian cuisine where the main ingredient is chickpeas.But with chana can cook so many variety of gravies which are the perfect side dishes for rotis any time..I have tried few different gravies soon going to share all.

Sweet Potato Halwa | Sweet Potato Halwa Recipe | Shakarkandi Halwa | Halwa Recipes

This is the first time I tried halwa with sweet potato..Really its so simple to make,it need less than 5 ingredients and results out into a delicious sweet.When you are craving for sweets or if you are sweet tooth can cook this because it just need 10-15 minutes to prepare so quite easy to finish your cravings..

December 8, 2016

Vermicelli Biriyani | Semiya Biryani | One Pot Meal Recipes | Healthy Lunch Box Recipes

Semiya is my favorite which I love to cook in different methods for dinner always..Semiya Upma is our all time favorite dish which I used to cook for dinner mostly..For a change I have tried few different dishes like upma with coco-nut milk,hara masala semiya upma which are already posted in blog.So,this time came with biriyani recipe which is a perfect dish for lunch or dinner..

December 5, 2016

Egg less Cream Cheese Ice cream | Home Made Ice Cream Recipes | Eggless Ice Cream Recipes Without Ice Cream Maker | Cream Cheese Desserts

It is a simple home made Cream cheese ice cream without eggs.You need just 5 ingredients to make this ice cream and the surprising point is you no need to ice cream machine so can make it in blender in minutes and freeze over night..

December 4, 2016

Vankaya Senagapappu Koora | Brinjal Chanadal Curry | Eggplant Curry With Chanadal | Aubergine Recipes

This is a simple Brinjal curry with chanadal combination..I have used big eggplant/brinjal but you can use medium size brinjals or green colors instead of purple ones.This simple curry is perfect to serve in weekdays with hot white rice along with some hot rasam or sambar side dish..

December 3, 2016

Dhaba Style Chicken Pulao | Tomato Chicken Pulao | Hyderabadi Street Side Chicken Pulao | Simple Chicken Pulao Without Onions | Easy Murgh Pilaf | 20 Chicken Biryani Recipes

Hyderabad is an popular city in Telanaga which is famous for food and road side shopping..Mughalai cuisine is so much dominating in this city so there are many dishes which looks little bit similar to mughals recipes..I have already posted Hyderabadi popular chicken dum biriyani with step wise pictures and Hyderabadi style Chicken pualo. But today sharing pulao recipe which is in dhaba style..Dhaba cooking style is different from home style even the taste of the recipe from dhabas is awesome when you you compare home foods or restaurant foods.

Kolhapuri Mutton Masala | Kolhapuri Style Gosht Curry | Kolhapuri Masala Recipe | How to Make Kolhapuri Masala | Home Made Basics Recipes

Kolhapuri mutton curry is a traditional way of cooking meat with a unique flavored masala. It is simple to cook because you don't have to add so many ingredients in this except masala making.For the beginners or people who have less time, this is the simple method.

December 1, 2016

Sweet Potato Stuffed Paratha | Shakarkandi Paratha | Paratha Recipes For Dinner | Sweet Potato Roti/Chapathi

10 days back I have posted sweet potato stir fry recipe in blog.. I told that sweet potato fry became mushy because of boiling potato pieces for long time so,for the recipe main pictures I cooked dish second time and took the pictures. So,with that mushy pottap fry actually I tried this parathas which are super spicy..Iam very poor in making stuffing parathas,my heart and hands shivers to use lots of butter to fry the parathas..That`s the reason why I prefer chapathi always for dinner.

No Bake Dark Chocolate Cheese Cake | No Bake Cheese Cake Recipes | Easy Chocolate Cheese Cake Recipe Without Baking

This is a lush chocolate cheesecake that never fails to please at dessert time. If you want to make a nice dessert but have no oven, this recipe is for you.I tried this cheesecake with light cream cheese but you can use regular cream cheese. The texture was way softer and the taste was super delicious and very rich.I used bittersweet dark chocolate in this recipe but semisweet could be used also.

November 30, 2016

Chia Fruit Salad With Cream | Creamy Fruit Salad With Chia seeds | Chia Seeds Recipes | Fruit Salad Recipes With Cream

 I have posted different fruit salad recipes in blog even posted chia fruit salad recipe too few days back..But that recipe yogurt combination and in this recipe used cream..You can use any fruits which are your favorite, but not too watery fruits like watermelon and pulpy mangoes..

Cauliflower green peas Korma Using Coconut Milk | Gobi Peas Korma With Coconut Milk | Coconut Milk Recipes | Kurma recipes | South Indian Style Gravy Recipes For Chapathi

Cauli flower is a versatile vegetable which is very healthy and low in calories.Usually,I cook different gravies for chapathi..I have posted already cauliflower korma recipe but this is little bit different with coconut milk. Cauliflower and green peas are the best combination to cook gravy and kormas..

November 29, 2016

Cracked Wheat Rava Kichidi | Daliya Kichidi | Vegetable Kichidi With Rava | Broken Wheat Rava Recipes | Diabetic Friendly Recipes

Wheat rava is very healthy and rich in proteins..It is a very good substitute for rice because rava is low in carbohydrates.I brought it from india and cooks usually upma for dinner. Cooking same old upma I felt bored so started trying diffe-rent recipes with daliya..

Strawberry White Chocolate Mousse | Strawberry Mousse With Gelatin | Strawberry Desserts| White Chocolate Desserts | Mousse Recipes With Gelatin

Strawberries and Mangoes are the best fruits which turns in to various desserts..I have posted lots of Straw berry drinks and some dessert recipes in blog.But using gelatin did n`t posted any thing..In fact this is the first recipe which Iam posting using gelatin..It is a wonderful dessert with white chocolate combination.All you need is cream,berries and gelatin.

November 28, 2016

Kolhapuri Style Chicken Dum Biriyani | Kolhapuri Chicken Biryani Recipe | Murgh Biryani In Kolhapuri Style | How to Cook Chicken Biryani In Dum Method

Blindly I fixed to biriyani on sundays..If sunday is com-ing before one,two days,I starts searching for biriyani recipes.Till now I have posted 10+ biryani recipes and few are in draft al-ready..I love to cook authentic/popular dishes so can share in blog proudly.Coming to this it`s kolhapuri style chicken biri-yani cooked on dum method..

Home made Kolhapuri Masala | How to Make Kolhapuri Mutton Masala Powder Recipe | Basics Recipes In Cooking

Kolhapuri cuisine is one of the popular cuisine in india.It is noted for special mutton dishes. The city lends its name to food products such as Kolhapuri Lavangi (chili peppers or Mirchi), Kolhapuri jaggery (cane juice concentrate), and Kolhapuri masala (spice mixture). This authentic masala is mixture of all the whole spices and coconut.This masala is very flavorful and can store for a month..When this masala is ready you can cook dishes easily in minutes.It is a versatile and adds a punch of flavor to the simple dishes..

November 26, 2016

Hyderabadi Style Vegetable Tawa Pulao | Vegetable Tawa Fried Rice | Desi Style Tawa Pulao With Vegetables | Dhaba Style Spicy Fried Rice For Lunch

Tawa Pulao is basically boiled Rice tossed with fresh vege- tables and spicy masalas. It is very simple to make and spices brings a good flavor to rice.If you don`t have enough time to cook an elaborate meal this rice is perfect.If you have left over rice you can cook like this with simple spice powders in less than 15 minutes.

November 25, 2016

Best Eggless Dates Cake | Moist Egg less Date Cake | Eggless Cakes Recipes | Moist Dates Cake Without Egg | Basic Date Cake

I may never stops baking cakes because it became like a hobby so baking, at least once in a week these days..Mostly I bake different types of chocolate cakes and breads which my boys likes and loves to take it as a snack to school..Few weeks back while baking a chocolate cake for kids,thought to use dates which are in fridge silently.

November 24, 2016

Orange Chocolate Brownies | Fudge Chocolate Orange Brownies | Chocolate Brownies With Oil | Cocoa Brownies Without Butter

Chocolate with orange is always a best combination..I have posted lots of cakes,break fast breads recipes in blog but brownies recipes I have very few..Though brownies are one of the best dessert,never concentrated on those recipes till now..

Dry fruits and Nuts Paratha | Paratha Recipes | Indian Flat Bread Recipes | Dinner Time Recipes

After trying dry fruits and nuts phool makhana payasam  I was thinking to use the remaining nuts powder.. I used to make sugar chapathi in school days..So,with that recipe inspiration I created this paratha which is healthy yet tasty too..This paratha is perfect for kids break fast or you can send as snack to school box.Adjust the sugar quantity as per your taste.Try this and serve hot..

CATEGORY- Paratha | Breakfast Ideas  | Dinner Time Recipes 

almonds-2 table spoons
cashews-2 table spoons
pistachios-2 table spoons
chironji-2 table spoons
walnuts-2 table spoons
sugar-2 table spoons+1/2 cup

cardamom powder-1 tea spoon
wheat flour/atta -1 cup
oil-2-3 table spoon

salt-2 pinchesghee- 2 table spoons

In a mixy jar take all the dry fruit nuts,sugar and cardamom powder.Grind into fine powder and keep aside..
take flour in a bowl,add ghee,salt mix well. Using water prepare dough,knead for some time.after 15-20 minutes divide dough into same size balls.
Using maida or extra white flour roll dough in medium size chapathi,apply oil and sprinkle ground nuts powder around 1 table spoon,carefully like shown in below pictures close it and again roll in medium size in square shape.
Using oil or ghee pan fry the paratha on both sides and serve hot..This parathas are little bit sweet in taste,so you no need any pickle or curd like other parathas.

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