January 1, 2016

Friday with a friend Guest post by Rupali | Potato Cheese Balls | Aloo cheese bombs | Easy bread snacks for kids

Welcome to new year 2016..I wish you and your family a joyful,bright,healthy,prosperous and happiest new year ahead.

Here is the lovely friday guest post by Ruplai..She is an another new blogger friend  whom I met through fb..I have checked out her blog which is very unique..It`s a special blog because she posts only kids related  recipes,parenting tips,useful tips for new mommies etc..Is n`t it sounds interesting?? It`s not an easy job actually to maintain about blog on particular one category....She is doing an amazing job.Through her space helping new mommies .. Her blog is a nice gift to them..I wish her all the best to get  many more viewers,followers and keep up your good work dear..

Hi friends,
I am rupali mother of two beautiful girls. I love to cook and serve food. I am very eager to learn new things ,recipes, parenting tips and much more related to parenting. I started hellomomy just for sharing all precious information i gathered about parenting ,food ,kids with everybody.

1. About you in few words which we don`t know?

Hi... Iam Rupali kadam and www.hellomomy.blogspot.com is my blog where i share about parenting ,food, recipes,lifestyle. Reading ,cooking and blogging are my hobbies. I m mother of two beautiful angles with whom i m learning,growing ,laughing and sharing all possible parenting tips on hellomomy.

2. 3 photography tips or kitchen tips?

Kitchen tips :

Baking soda is magic ingredient which helps in cleaning many kitchen stains. Use it by making paste with water for cleaning kitchen sink,taps.

For making crispy bhendi (lady finger) wash bhendi and cut it before few hours of making it. And spread it on on newspaper for frying. After few hours when its totally dry make crispy bhendi.

Keep half cut lemon in small bowl in corner of fridge. It removes food smell from fridge and keeps it fresh.

3. How to improve blog page views n fb page fans

Sharing posts more freequently on blogs helps to increase page views. As content is heart of blog , sharing valuable information helps to get more readers for blog. I am also trying and hopping everyday for getting more page views .

4. How food blog changed your Life n how many recipes you share per month?

I m good learner and i like to collect information about parenting .when i became parent i collected information about pregnancy ,baby care ,parenting tips from books ,doctors ,family ,friends ,fellow parents. I attended many workshops on parenting and pregnancy. I started hellomomy for sharing all the valuable information with everyone who needs it.i share 15 to 16 articles including kids recipes on hellommy every month.
  1. Few lines abt MLH (mahaslovelyhome)?
I love this mahaslovelyhome blog and all amazing recipe in it. All the recipes in this blog are interesting and very informative and show the hardwork behind it.
Its great pleasure for me to post my recipe in this blog. When maha has asked me to write guest post i took time from her. As my blog is about kids i post only kids /baby recipes in it and for guest post (in mahaslovelyhome) also i came up with kids recipe cheese bombs .

Thanks Mahas Iam grateful for giving me opportunity to write guest post in your lovely blog. I hope all will enjoy reading and making these easy cheese bombs recipe.


Cheese bombs is very interesting recipe. Kids love some twists in food and in these bombs cheese is hidden inside potato balls.Its very easy and fun to make these cheese bombs.Its perfect party time snacks/starter as well. Paneer pieces can also be used instead of cheese cubes for making paneer bombs.

Cooking Time :45  min


Potato boiled and peeled 4 ,

Bread 2 slices,
Cheese cubes,
Green chili chopped 2,
Chili powder 1 tea spoon,
Coriander leaves chopped,
Ginger small piece,
Garlic cloves 4 to 5,
Oil  for deep frying,
 Salt as per taste,
Turmeric powder 1/4 tea spoon,
 Cumin seeds powder 2 tea spoon,
Bread crumbs 1 cup.

Directions to Cook :

Boil , peel  and mash potatoes.

Remove crust of bread slices and make small pieces of slices to add in mashed potatoes.
Run ginger ,garlic, chili, coriander in a  mixer to get paste.
Mix  green veggie paste ,bread pieces,mashed potatoes ,cumin powder ,salt and mix well to get firm dough as shown in pic.
Take  small pieces of dough and keep small cheese cube in it. Make ball of potato dough while covering cheese cube inside it.
Roll potato ball in bread crumbs  and deep fry these potato balls in oil.
Cheese bombs are ready to serve. Serve with sauce .

I love deep fried snacks with hot cup of chai..This cute cheese potato balls are perfect to serve with a hot of tea in the evening tea.Like she said that cheese is super twist to kids..Thank you for the easy yet delicious recipe Rupali... Thank you so much for the nice answers.For showing so much of affection on MLH..Feeling blessed truly.. :)

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