August 16, 2016

Brasil Style Orange Cake | Bolo de Laranja | Light and fluffy Orange Cake | Orange Sponge Cake | Brazil Cakes

Baking is fun when you do with full of smiles.. I have posted various cakes recipes till now in my blog..Few are egg less,few are with wheat flour and some cakes recipes for breakfast.. Even I have also posted eggless orange cake and orange chocolate cup cakes..This time going to share brasil style orange cake recipe where you need very few basic ingredients for the recipe.

Measurements of the brasil cakes goes in the easy format which we can remember blindly.. I also shared brasil style carrot cake.You can check it for an idea.This orange cake is quite simple to bake,tasted yummy with full of orange flavor.It is light in texture,very spongy and adding raisins is my personal choice..You can skip it or you can add any nuts like almonds,walnuts of cashews..Totally it`s an optional.. Brasil cakes only calls for flour,baking powder,oil,eggs and sugar which is different with amercian style baking..Anyway I got a good result with this recipe.. so,here the detailed notes..Try it and share your result..

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Wheat flour-1 cup

baking powder-1 tea spoon
salt-1/2 tea spoon
vegetable oil- 1/2 cup
fresh orange juice -1/2 cup
white sugar-3/4 cup


Preheat oven at 180 degree C. apply oil in the tin and dust it with flour in all sides.

In a bowl take sugar,orange juice,oil mix well..Now throw in eggs and stir well. 

Add in baking powder,salt,flour and mix well for batter consistency.. Then,fold in raisins and stir gently..Pour this batter int greased tin and bake for 40 minutes.

Check it with a tooth pick,if it comes out clean,the cake is ready..Slice it and serve hot with coffee or milk.

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