August 9, 2016

Mixed vegetable apple salad | Easy veg salad for lunch or dinner | Simple veg salad with apple

Iam in the mood of making salads these days..This is an another salad which I prepared last week..Along with vegetables for sweet taste used an apple and also added some cream..
Mayonnaise and cream gives a creamy texture and walnuts plus raisins gives crunchy taste in the salad. Finally always serve salads fresh and cold little bit..

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Red apple-1 big

walnuts- handful
black raisins-10
green capsicum-1 small
sweet corn-handful
cabbage -1 cup chopped 
coriander leaves-2 table spoons
red chili sauce-1 tea spoon
salt-1/2 tea spoon
cream-1 table spoon
mayonese-1 table spoon 
vinegar-1 tea spoon


Chop apple,take it in a bowl.. Add in crushed walnuts,black raisins,chopped green capsicum,sweet corn,chopped cabbage and chopped coriander leaves..

Now, add red chili sauce,salt,cream,mayonese, vinegar and give a good mix....Rest it for 15 minutes in frige and serve cold..

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