September 17, 2016

Banana Guava Milkshake | Quick and Easy Milkshake Recipes | Pink Guava Recipes | Healthy Milkshakes for Kids

Adding fruits in our daily life is very important for good health..I often makes different salads,smoothies,juices and this type of milkshakes. The original meaning milkshake is blending a fruit with milk and any favorite choice of ice cream..
But I skipped ice cream here,but used honey for sweet taste..Adding ice cream a good idea actually,which you can try. These days here in foz it`s cold so,Iam not purchasing ice cream box..But,I suggest to try this combination with pink guava that is totally ripen guava which gives a nice color to milkshake. Definitely you`ll satisfy with the taste..

CATEGORY- Milkshakes | Fruit drinks | Summer Special milkshakes 


Banana -1 or 2
pink guava-1
milk-2 cups
honey-1 table spoon
Ice cream-2 scoops optional
water-1/4 cup -optional
salt-2 pinches


Take bananas,chopped guava,milk,honey if using ice cream in mixy jar,blend until becomes smooth puree..

Pour in glass and serve.. Or to avoid guava seeds strain it and serve then..

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