September 6, 2016

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Any thing with bread I love to eat..Even can finish dinner only with bread toast some times.. This is an innovative toast with cheese stuffing... Egg bread toast is a very common recipe which every one knows, but adding cheese is the attraction of this recipe which you love to try definitely..If you have bread,cheese slices and eggs in home can try this easily any time..
Use wheat bread if you have and serve hot immediately after frying in the pan..This is also a yummy snack for kids to serve in the evening times after coming from school or can send in the snack box to school..Add pepper powder instead of chili powder for less spice.Beat eggs well,ry always in medium heat and serve hot.

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Eggs -2
Salt-2 pinches
Chili powder-1/2 tea spoon
ginger garlic paste-1/2 tea spoon
garam masala-1/2 tea spoon
cilantro leaves-1 table spoon
 onion-1 small


Beat eggs in a bowl,add salt,chili powder,ginger garlic paste,garam masala,cilantro leaves,finely chopped onions and mix well.

Now take bread in a plate,put a cheese slice on one bread and cover with another bread..Cut into half..

Now,heat a non stick pan with oil,another side dip this bread into egg batter and fry in pan in medium flame.

Serve hot with ketchup along with hot tea or milk.

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