September 30, 2016

Cucumber Mint Lassi | Salted Cucumber Lassi With Mint | Kheera Pudina Lassi | Indian Yogurt Drinks | Salted Buttermilk Recipes

Lassi or spiced butter milk is an indian popular refreshing drink which is famous in road sides..There are many variations in lassi making.I have already posted recipes like lemon lassi and strawberry lassi 
This time with the combination of cucumber and mint tried this lassi which is very tasty and healthy..In hot summer days,this glass fills your taste buds perfectly.Try this drink and take it with lunch or in the evening times.

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CATEGORY- Spiced Butter milk Recipes | Lassi Recipes


cucumber -1 big
mint leaves-fist ful
salt-1/4 tea spoon
pepper powder-1/2 tea spoon
curd-1 cup
water-1 cup
sugar-1 table spoon


Peel skin and chop cucumber in a mixy jar along with mint leaves,salt,pepper powder,curd,water and sugar..

Blend for a minute and serve..

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