September 25, 2016

Hariyali Paratha | Cilantro Mint Lacha Paratha | Mint Coriander Leaves Paratha | Pudina Dhaniya Paratha | Quick and Easy Paratha Recipes

Mint,cilantro leaves are my favorite herbs which I use almost daily in cooking..I have already posted lacha paratha in blog..So,in the same method i tried this paratha with ,mint n coriander leaves combination..I have added them by chopping very finely,but you can make a coarse paste by grinding,then add in flour..if you add in the paste form,you may no need water to form into a dough..
Green chili paste gives spicy taste to the paratha,if you don`t have chillies replace it with black pepper corns powder...Resting dough for some time gives a best result always,so give few minutes break to roll parathas..Next time when you found these herbs don`t forget to try this delicious parathas..Finally serve hot with some curry or gravy or with some pickle and thick curd also tastes great.

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parath paratha

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Wheat flour-1 1/2 cup
Salt-1/2 tea spoon
Cilantro+mint leaves-finely chopped -1 cup
green chili paste-1-2 tea spoon
Ginger garlic paste-1/2 tea spoon
oil-2 table spoons + pan frying

Take flour in a mixing bowl,add all the remaining ingredients..Using water,knead into a fine dough...Cover with lid,rest it for 15 minutes.
Then divide dough into same size pieces..Take a dough ball,roll it in medium size,apply oil,sprinkle some flour,start rolling like how shown in the below pictures.... Then again using some extra maida/flour roll into medium size roti.. Repeat the same process with remaining dough balls.
Heat tawa pan,place rolled paratha,,using oil fry it on both sides and serve hot with curry/gravy

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