September 4, 2016

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Lassi is  a very popular refreshing drink in India,It can prepare with milk, yogurt and fruits.Honey,mixed fruits,sugar folded lassi is called as sweet lasii where as spiced lassi a mixture of pepper powder and cumin seeds..This healthy lassi a very tasty and refreshing drink in summer hot days.Here I used kiwi to make this lassi,so a differen version recipe to try..
You can serve it in the breakfast times or as a evening drink. You can substitute kiwi with mango, papaya, peaches or cucumber for the kiwi. You can press the juice through a strainer after blending the ingredients for the clean liquid..

CATEGORY- Beverages Recipes | Healthy Beverages | Healthy Summer Drinks


Kiwi fruits-2
mint/pudina leaves- 10
salt-2 pinches
black pepper powder -/12 tea spoon
yogurt/curd -1 cup
honey-1 table spoon
water-2 cups


Peel kiwi skin and chop them.Then take all the ingredients in the juice mixer,blend for a minute or until smooth and liquid..

Serve immediately/fresh always.

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