September 19, 2016

Mixed Vegetable Mayonnaise Sandwich | Mayonnaise Veggie Sandwich | Quick and Easy Sandwich Recipes | Simple Dinner Ideas

Sandwich is my favorite which I love to try always... Sandwich is a great substitute for lunch or even in dinner..I try different sandwich recipes every time which my kids also loves lot..

if you ever had a craving for eating any thing, this the best and the most awesome combination sandwich that you can have its very simple to make and is bang on to taste buds :)

I have already posted burger sandwich,omelette cheese sandwich,potato peas sandwich, avocado egg sandwich, avocado dry fruit sandwich,cheese egg toasted sandwich and many more..please check and try next time..

CATEGORY- Sandwich Recipes | Easy Dinner Ideas

white bread slices or wheat bread-4
Mayonnaise-1/4 cup
carrot-1 small (grate it)
frozen green peas- 2 table spoons
capsicum-finely chopped 3 table spoons
onions-finely chopped- 2 table spoons
frozen sweet corn-2 table spoons
salt-to taste
black pepper powder-as per taste
mozarella cheese-2 


Take Mayonnaise in a bowl,Add carrot,green peas, capsicum, onions,sweet corn.. Then,add in salt,black pepper powder and mix well..
Take bread slices,Stuff the mixture on one bread slice,on another slice put a cheese slice and combine both..
Serve with hot milk or coffee..

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