September 10, 2016

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Here is the another juice for weight loss.It`s a combination of orange,parsley,banana with a touch of salt and honey..I prepare juices almost daily with different combinations..H is the best supportive behind this making juices.. He loves green juices and forces me to do every day..For good health even I feel its a good choice to take this kind of juices daily..
So,coming to this its a combination of two fruits and one leafy greens.. Parsley plays key role in this,that`s why it gets cool green color after juicing..Honey and salt are the important ingredients in making juices so never skip them..Finally always serve immediately.

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 CATEGORY- Juices for weight loss | Breakfast Juices | Green Juices


banana-1 big
chopped parsley- 2 cups
fresh orange juice-1 cup
honey-1 table spoon
 and pinch salt 


Take bananas,chopped parsley,fresh orange juice,honey and pinch salt in juice mixer..Blend for few seconds,until juice becomes.

Take the blended juice into glass and serve immediately..

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