October 31, 2016

Cauliflower Potato Curry | Gobi Aloo Subji | Vegetarian Subzi Recipes | Quick and Easy Curry Recipes For Roti | Subji Recipes For Chapathi

These days Iam making roti  almost every day so for a combination cooking different curries and gravies every time.This is an easy yet spicy subji with potato and cauliflower combination. Though this subji is North Indian famous,I cooked it in our south indian style with very common ingredients..

Orange Chocolate Cupcakes | Orange Chocolate Cupcakes | Chocolate Orange Juice Cupcakes | Kids Friendly Cupcakes Recipes

Some baking combinations are crazy but tastes out standing always..This orange fruit with chocolate cupcakes also comes in that category..These are light in texture,moist and tastes nice with orange flavor.

October 30, 2016

Mysore Rasam | Rasam Without Dal | South Indian Popular Mysore Rasam Recipe | Easy Rasam Recipes For Rice

Mysore rasam is karnataka special rasam - a type of thin and spicy lentil soup which is an integral part of any South Indian meal but is different from the popular sambhar.There are many version of rasam, some are made with lentil and some are made without using any lentil but tastes almost like a spicy tomato rasam.

Tomato Fettuccine Pasta | Fettuccine Tomato Pasta | Pasta Recipes For Kids | Kids Friendly Pasta Recipes | Fettuccine Recipes | Easy Pasta Dishes

By modifying spaghetti pasta in tomato sauce,created this fettuccine dish.This is simple to make yet tastes delicious too. Addition of cheese gives richness and enhances the taste. Basically tomatoes are naturally acidic.

October 29, 2016

Wheat Rava Kesari | Wheat Rava Halwa | Godhuma Rava Kesari Bath | Wheat Rava Recipes | Daliya Recipes | 10 Halwa Recipes

Sooji Halwa is a south indian traditional sweet which we people makes often on festival times and functions.I have already posted sooji halwa and recently posted sooji coconut halwa recipe in blog.Coming to this it is a sweet made of wheat semolina,jaggery with milk..

October 28, 2016

Almond Chicken Korma | Badami Murgh Khorma | Chicken Badami Khurma | Easy Chicken Curry Recipes For Roti/Chapathi

CATEGORY- Chicken Korma | Khurma Recipes | Murgh Dishes

chicken with bone-500 grams
onion-1 big
ginger garlic paste-1 table spoon
tomato -1 big
oil-2 table spoons
cumin seeds-1 tea spoon
fresh coriander leaves-few

To grind into paste
coconut powder-3 table spoons
red chili flakes-3
cinnamon stick-1 inch
black pepper corns-5-6
poppy seeds-1 tea spoon
fennel seeds-1 tea spoon
almonds -10

To Marinate Chicken
red chili powder-2 tea spoons
salt-to taste
garam masala-1 tea spoon
coriander  powder-1 tea spoon 
lemon juice-1 table spoon
turmeric powder-1/2 tea spoon


Take coconut,red chili flakes,cinnamon stick,black pepper corns,poppy seeds,staranise,fennel seeds,cashews,almonds in mixy jar,using water make a fine paste out of it,keep aside..
Heat a pressure cooker with oil,add cumin seeds,then chopped onions,ginger garlic paste.Fry well,add chopped tomato saute for a minute,add marinade chicken,mix well..Cook for 5 minutes,add a cup of water,close with lid and cook for 3-4 whistles or 15 minutes in medium flame.
Turn off,add ground paste stir every thing,add chopped coriander leaves if you like,cook for 5 minutes again and turn off.Serve hot with roti or rice..

Rava Halwa Polelu | Rava Kesari Bobbatlu | Sooju Halwa Stuffed Poli | Bobbatlu Recipes | Poli Recipes | South indian Festival Sweets

Bobbatlu or poli is an indian traditional festival sweet which is very popular..Usually on Ugadi festival we south indians loves to make this with chanadal jaggery stuffing which takes first place..

October 27, 2016

Carrot Senagapappu Payasam | Kadalai Paruppu Payasam | Chanadal Kheer | Quick and Easy Kheer Recipes | 20 South Indian Popular Payasam Recipes

This is a typical hindu style payasam recipe, which is called senagapappu bellam payasam in our telugu language. Its taste is very good and diabetes people can also take i because it is made of using jaggery,but in less quantity..For a variation,I have used carrot which makes it double healthy and tasty of course!!

October 26, 2016

Paneer Korma | Paneer Khurma | Paneer Masala Korma with Coconut | Kurma Recipes | Paneer Gravy Recipes

Here is the recipe of Paneer gravy in coconut base. I have been trying to post this type of khurma from a very long time.Finally, I was able to make some space for it. Paneer recipes are one of the most popular recipes in indian restaurants.

October 25, 2016

condensed milk chocolate cupcakes | chocolate Cupcakes without sugar | Chocolate cupcakes with Condensed milk | Condensed milk Recipes

Generally white or brown sugar is the ingredient which we use in bakery items,for sweetness.For a variation, here I replaced with condensed milk.Yes..These cup cakes are made without sugar but condensed milk gives the sweet taste same like sugar..I have posted already different kinds of cupcakes recipes but all are folded with sugar along with regular ingredients.

October 24, 2016

Sooji Coconut Halwa | Rava Kobbari Halwa | Rava Sheera | Halwa Recipes | South Indian Festival Sweets | Pooja Nivedyam Recipes

Rava Sheera or Rava halwa is a wonderful dessert that can be prepared in minutes. It does not require much advance preparation, and can prepare with very few ingredients For a variation I have included coconut along with Rava.. So,It`s a crunchy yet soft in taste sheera.

October 22, 2016

Black Magic Cupcakes | Coffee flavored Chocolate Cupcakes | Chocolate Coffee Cupcakes | Kids Favorite Cupcakes Recipes

Cupcakes are my kids favorite.But they loves only chocolate cupcakes.So,with different versions and ingredients I bake cakes and cupcakes for them twice or thrice in a month..These are purely chocolate flavored cupcakes with coffee addition..Coffee is my favorite any time,so this cute little cupcakes also my favorite of course!!

October 21, 2016

White Chicken Pulao | Safed Murgh Pulao | Easy Chicken Pulao Recipes | Murgh Pulao Recipes

Chicken biryani or pulao is certainly a delicious and aromatic meal. The meat is seasoned using spices after which mixed in with basmati rice which has been seasoned with lots of whole garam masala. It's not only a single pot meal, it is also the most aromatic and most delicious dish to please.

October 19, 2016

October 17, 2016

Cabbage Chana dal Curry | Cabbage Senagapappu Koora | Side Dishes For Roti | Cabbage Curry Recipes | Subzi Recipes For Chapathi

This is a simple,tasty yet healthy curry which I cook often in week days..It`s a very common curry which you can see in telangana cuisine any time.I prefer this curry with roti mostly instead of having with rice...

October 16, 2016

Raisin Cookies | Chewy Black Raisin Cookies | Easy Cookies Recipes | Raisin Butter Cookies | Cookies De Uva Passa | Cookies Recipes

Like cakes and cup cakes I don`t bake much cookies..It`s just because of butter quantity..Yeah!!  The butter amount makes me shiver to try cookies recipes..In fact my kids not a great lovers of cookies.Recently realized that I did n`t have baked any cookies these days..So, last few weeks back while baking a chocolate cake, thought to bake some cookies using black raisins..So,this is the result of my work finally..

October 14, 2016

Yogurt Chocolate Cake | Chocolate Yogurt Cake | Spongy Chocolate Cake Without Butter | Chocolate Cake With Oil and Yogurt

Chocolate became my kids favorite,which they loves to bite any time..They only asks for chocolate cake always,which is a big task to me to bake..Because repeating same old recipe is quite boring,that`s why I tends to search out new variations every time.

October 12, 2016

Mutton Darbari | Darbari Mutton | 10 Best Indian Mutton Recipes | Mutton Gravy Recipes | Mutton Curry Recipes | Indian Meat Recipes

Darbari Mutton was originally prepared heated by a wooden fire in a large pot. It may now be cooked using pressure cookers and slow cookers. It is a healthy traditional cooking recipe,which is very easy to prepare and gives you unique taste to the Recipe.

October 10, 2016

Chickpea flour Chocolate Cake | Chocolate Cake With Besan Flour | Gluten Free Chocolate Cake With Gram Flour | Besan Flour Cake

Baking with chickpea flour..Is n`t that sounds weird?? That too chocolate cake which is favorite to so many..But it`s true.. This is a chocolate cake using chick pea flour which I baked.. If you are regular follower of my blog,you people can notice that I share popular ,healthy ,unique recipes mostly..

October 8, 2016

Chennai Style Chicken Biryani | Chicken Biriyani In Chennai Style | Easy Murgh Biriyani | 15 Indian Popular Chicken Biryani Recipes

You can call me as Biryani girl of course!! Yeah.. Love on biriyani is never ends,in fact it grows every time when I try new recipe..I have posted almost 15 biriyani recipes  which are popular in india..More than the common dishes,I love to introduce famous recipes which stands unique when compares to normal recipes.

October 7, 2016

Chettinad Style Egg Curry | How to make Chettinad Egg Curry | Boiled Egg Curry | Restaurant Style Anda Gravy Recipes | Egg Gravy Recipes For Roti/Chapathi

I have already posted some egg based gravy recipes in blog which rae very perfect to pair with rotis and this time going to share south indian popular chettinad egg masala curry which is super simple to cook and tastes great of course..

October 6, 2016

October 3, 2016

Sweet Puffs | Coconut Sweet Puffs | Sweet Puffs with Coconut Filling | Dry fruits puff pastry | Tea time Snacks

Puff pastries are one of the yummy snack which I have tasted in school days.. Making puff pastry is my long time wish which came true..These are sweet puffs with coconut filling..Stiffed mixture is simple and tasty which can make in minutes..

October 2, 2016

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