October 3, 2016

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Puff pastries are one of the yummy snack which I have tasted in school days.. Making puff pastry is my long time wish which came true..These are sweet puffs with coconut filling..Stiffed mixture is simple and tasty which can make in minutes..
If you have store bought puff sheets can make this easily.. It is a fun making and great tea time snack as well..Try this version next time and enjoy with hot cup of milk or coffee.

CATEGORY- Puff pastry Recipes | Tea time snacks


Store bought Puff pastry sheets-6 square shaped
For filling
coconut powder-1 cup
almonds-2 table spoons
cashews-2 table spoons
raisins-2 table spoons
cardamom powder-1 tea spoon
walnuts-2 table spoons
pistachios-2 table spoons
tutti frutti-2 table spoons
chironji nuts-2 table spoons
sugar-2 table spoons


Take coconut powder in  a bowl,add in all nuts,sugar and mix well.Take pastry sheets,stuff 2 table spoons of mixture,close well in triangle shape..Do this with remaining sheets..

Preheat oven at 200 degree C..Line a parchment paper on baking tray.place this puffs carefully and bake for 20 minutes at 200 degree C..After 10 minutes remove the tray,brush some butter on top of puffs and bake again..

Once the crust became light golden color,turn off and serve warm with milk or coffee...

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