January 22, 2017

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Burger is kids favorite these days,even many of the elders are crazy about it pizzas and burgers. Both of my sons loves burger lot and loves to visit burger king on sundays.But I don`t allow them so they treats me like an enemy some times. Because I prefer home made more than the out side junk food.I have tried few burger recipes before and posted in blog too.
Coming to this,it is my very own new creation burger variety with beetroot addition.The ingredients are quite simple and the process also easy.Freezing the patties for some time gives a good texture when you fry and absorbs less oil too. More than the eating I loved the color of the burger which is very attracting.Try out this versatile burger and surprise your kids.
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chicken -200 grams
beetroot puree-1/2 cup
chili sauce-1 tea spoon
soya sauce-1 tea spoon
garlic sauce-1 tea spoon
salt-to taste
Coriander leaves/finely chopped -1/8 cup
oil-1/8 cup
To assemble burger 
burger buns
onion slices
lettuce leaf
tomato slices
salad sauce
Wash chicken twice and let it dry in a bowl.Using mixy jar grind into fine paste.This is called mince meat.Now take this meat in a bowl,Add ground beetroot puree,chili sauce,soya sauce,garlic paste,salt,finely chopped coriander leaves and mix well.Take orange size meat and make good shaped patties.Keep the patties in freezer for 15 minutes then take it  out and rest it for 15 minutes more..Heat  a grilled pan or non stick pan with oil,fry the patties evenly on both sides. now cut the burger bun into half,cook in hot pan for few seconds then apply some mayonnaise. Along with onion slices,lettuce leaf,tomato slices, salad sauce and fried beet root patties arrange the burger and serve hot with some soft drink.

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