June 14, 2017

How to make Cherry Sauce | Home made Cherry Sauce | Basics in cooking | Cherry Sauce for Cheese Cakes Topping

Cherry fruits are one of the rare fruit which we don`t get here in Foz do igaucu city..But luckily we can find these in Argentina some times with bearable price..Few months back H bought cherries so as usually blogger brain had started thinking about recipes.
Though I did n`t get any ideas already have a plan of trying this cherry sauce..This cherry sauce is the topping for cheese cakes which I have seen in many videos.Specially New york style cheese cake is fully topped with this beautiful cherry sauce with attractive color.. Making cherry sauce is n`t a big deal so here is the simple  method full step wise pictures and notes..Next time when you buy try this sauce and freeze it for later use..

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CATEGORY- Basics | Cherry Sauce making
Corn flour-1 table spoon
Sugar-1 tea spoon or 1-2 table spoons (option)
Salt -1/2 tea spoon
Red cherries-2 cups finely chopped
In a small bowl,take corn flour,add water and make it like running paste.. Then add sugar,salt and mix well without any lumps..Now in a vessel or pan heat water,when the water starts boiling add finely chopped cherries and mix well.Cook this in medium flame for 10 minutes.. Then add corn flour mixture,stir gently and cook for 5 more minutes and turn off.Let it cool then store box.You can freeze this for 1 month..

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