June 22, 2017

Potato Chicken Burger | How to make Chicken Burger at Home | Homemade Burger Recipes

Is there any kid who hates junk foods like burger,pizza or french fries??..The city we live Foz do iguazu is small with limited public places like pizza hut,burger king,sub way and some restaurants..Plus point is all the places have a separate sections to play for children.So,burger king is my little son`s favorite loves which he loves to visit  where as elder one loves to eat his favorite burgers..
Beef burger is quite popular and cheap in price but chicken burger is bit expensive. So,some times tries different versions of patties at home in weekends.. This is the new variety which I have tries with potato addition..This burger is delicious,mild in spice and very soft in texture..Check out below for the full recipe.. 

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CATEGORY- Easy Burger Recipes | Chicken Burger Recipes For Kids
Boneless chicken/minced meat-100 grams
egg yolk-1 no
salt-to taste
black pepper powder-to taste
boiled potatoes-2 small size
finely chopped cilantro leaves-2 table spoons
ginger garlic paste-1 tea spoon
finely chopped onions-1/4 cup
red chili sauce -1 tea spoon
Vegetable oil-to fry patties
To arrange burger
Un salted butter -2-3 table spoons
 burger buns-2 no
mayonnaise - 2 tea spoons
 lettuce leaves,onion rings,sliced tomatoes
mayonnaise,chili sauce (optional)
To Serve - soft drink and potato wedges/french fries
Wash chicken twice and grind to fine puree, which is called minced meat.. now tale it in bowl,add egg yolk,salt,black pepper powder, boiled potatoes,finely chopped cilantro leaves, ginger garlic paste,finely chopped  onions,red chili sauce and mix well every thing..Make goo shape of patties with the mixture and freeze for 15 minutes..Now take it out and rest them for few minutes until reaches room temperature..Mean while heat a non stick pan add oil,place this patties and fry both sides in medium heat carefully.Better to keep the flame low if the patties starts burning..Fry well and arrange burger. In the same pan add dollop of butter and fry the burger buns.Apply mayonnaise on each bun slice,put some lettuce leaves,onion rings, sliced tomatoes,mayonnaise,chili sauce and fried patties..Serve immediately with some soft drink and potato wedges..

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