June 28, 2017

Wheat Rava Vegetable Biryani | Broken Wheat Rava Veg Biryani Recipe | Daliya Recipes For Dinner

Vermicelli Biryani and this rava biryani is quite common recipes which I like to cook for dinner time mostly..Many of the south indians uses semiya,wheat rava and bombay rava in kitchen and most the common dish with these three is Upma.. Though upma is tasty and simple to make,I prefer to add all kind of veggies to make it much more healthy..
So,followed the steps like in rice biryani and cooked this..Cooking rava first is the main yet important step in the recipe then the remaining process is simple.It is also a good option for breakfast or lunch box..Wheat rava is good for diet so can replace the rice with this happily..Try this and enjoy..
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CATEGORY-Lunch | Vegetarian | Recipes For Weight loss | South Indian
Wheat Rava/Daliya -1 cup
Water-2 cups to cook rava
Ghee +oil -1 tbsp+1 tbsp
Cashew nuts -5
Ginger garlic paste/GGP- 1 tsp
Green chilly 4 n or red chili-5
Curry leaves -few
Hing-2 pinches
Turmeric-1/2 tea spoon
Onion chopped (medium size)- 1 
Salt-as per your taste
Carrot pieces - ¼ cup
Potato pieces-¼ cup
Green peas - ¼ cup (i used frozen)
Sweet corn- ¼ cup (I skipped)

Mushroom chopped-1/4 cup

Green capsicum-1/2 cup choppedMint+cilantro leaves-2 handfuls
Curd- 1-3 table spoons (optional)

Cumin seeds 1/2 tsp
Green cardamom pods-2

Bay leaf-1
Cinnamon stick-1 inch

Heat ghee in a pan add rava and roast it for 3 minutes in medium heat and keep it aside.In a vessel heat 2 cups of water while boiling add 1 tsp of oil and add rava and cook till soft.until water evaporates.
In another non stick pan add oil,add whole garam masala, cashew nuts,red chili,sauté for a while and add GGP+veggies. Now add salt and sauté it for a minute.Cook for 5 minutes in medium flame and add 
turmeric powder,chopped cilantro mint leaves and curd..Cook for 5-10 minutes in low flame and add cooked rava.Mix it and put the lid on let it cook for 2-5 minutes in low flame, then add little bit ghee on top and put the lid on and switch off the flame.

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