July 18, 2017

Raw Turnip Salad | Fresh Turnip Vegetable Salad Recipe | Pink Turnip Recipes | Salad For Lunch

Like chapathi salad became common in lunch.Every day I prepare fresh bowl of salad using cabbage as a main veggie.. More than the other dishes salads,soups,steamed foods are Meu amor favorites so specially for him I do these though it`s a lots of work..One fine day,while going to chop veggies for salad,saw few turnips,so thought to add them..

So,skipped cabbage and for sweet taste added an apple too.. Grating part is too hectic that`s why I prefers to chop every thing into same size..So,it`s better to chop in small size which may looks good too..Lemon juice is must ,in case if you don`t have that add vinegar..Prepare this next time and have a bowl in lunch..

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 CATEGORY- Salad | lunch | Vegetarian | Weight loss 
Pink Turnips-3 medium size
Red apple-1 big
Green cucumber- 1 no large 
Green bell pepper/caspicum-1 small size
Flax seeds-1 table spoon
Black pepper powder-1/2 tea spoon
Salt-to taste
Lemon juice-2 table spoons
Peel skin and wash well the turnips..Cut into biet size pieces and take them into a bowl..Then cut apple in the same size,add in turnip.Now peel out the cucumber skin chop and add in bowl.also chop and add caspicum,Better if you chop all of them in same size..Now add flax seeds,pepper powder,salt and squeeze some lemon juice..Stir every thing gently,rest it for 10-15 minutes and serve.

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